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Working out of offices in Rolla, Missouri, the Green Clean Institute educates individuals and entire companies working in the janitorial and maintenance sector on the basics of "Going Green." David Thompson, the GCI President, has more than 35 years of hands-on experience in the industry and developed the program to educate frontline workers. He is a respected leader in the Green industry and is a popular speaker as well as a professional lecturer. The company's courses provide basic and comprehensive information along with extra learning opportunities in the areas of sanitation and alternative cleaning methods designed to improve the quality of the air both indoors and out. Upon successful completion of the courses, workers and companies receive official Green Clean Certification, which gives them added value when competing in the marketplace for new business.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Unlike other companies that might be referred to as Green because they advocate saving energy or encourage recycling, the Green Clean Institute starts at the beginning of the Green process, which is a providing a good and solid understanding of basic Green cleaning. The company's motto is to "Change the notions about cleaning for health," which it does through online or live classes. In addition to developing better work habits, the workers who take the courses can then speak with one loud voice to encourage cleaning practices that are sustainable.

Learning the Basics of Green Cleaning

The Green Clean Institute believes that the best place to begin improving the environment is in the home. There are many substances that adversely effect the quality of air in the home, and one important consideration is the cleaning products that are used indoors. Depending on the types of chemicals and cleaning solutions used, the air quality inside a home can be more than five times worse than the air that is outdoors. The GCI book, "How to Detoxify a Building," is a standard guideline for Green building concepts that can be used to maintain good air quality within a structure. The book contains 24 suggestions for detoxifying a building that are useful to homes as well as commercial buildings.

Specific Green Cleaning Courses

Individuals who are in the janitorial business as well as full teams of custodial workers are welcome to take Green Clean Institute classes and learn the basic Green concepts. Afterwards, there are other several other more specific cleaning courses available, including Green Germ Control, which educates sanitation workers in the best ways to handle post-infectious cleaning. The classes cover new methods and products that are available to take care of outbreaks of MRSA, diseases and the common flue that can all spread through homes and offices. The course gives valuable information on Green alternatives to strong chemicals or bleaches and other cleansers that are often used to try to contain germs and stop the spread of contagious diseases. There is also an advanced carpet cleaning course that outlines Green methods of deep cleaning carpets. For outdoor education, GCI offers courses in lawn care that promote Green methods of gardening and safe products. By offering these special services to customers, cleaning and maintenance businesses gain a competitive edge.

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