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I enjoy working out; particularly jogging, muscle training, swimming and cycling. Maintaining my health and physical strength is a priority for me.


Experienced  in a wide range of engineering fields, including electrical, mechanical, fluid dynamics and heat transfer engineering.A positive contributing force for various quality control and research and development projects in different industries.Successful entrepreneur, developing my own technical consulting business.

Maintain an interest in communicating with and developing working relationships with new people from diverse backgrounds.


Technical Skills

  • MS Excel: creating graphs from data, making regression curves and drawing illustrations with auto shape function
  • MS PowerPoint: Making presentation material with attached pictures and movies
  • Windows MS Movie Maker: manipulating images and sound files
  • Extensive CAE skill: three-dimensional FEM analysis for fluid dynamics, structural dynamics, and heat conduction
  • MS Visual Basic Standard Edition: programming desktop applications
  • Engineering experimentation: conducting various experiments in electrical engineering, high speed fluid dynamics, and temperature measurement
  • Various experimentation tools: oscilograph, solder point, high-speed wind tunnel, electric pressure sensor, Shlieren camera system, thermograph camera, thermocouple sensor
  • Metal work: drill press, milling cutter, lathe machine
  • Bilingual communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills in Japanese and English

Work experience

Dec 2008Present

Founder, CEO, CTO, CMO

Future Engineer Corp.

Future Engineer is a website-based business which I created, and through which I provide technical consulting.  Cf.  My mission in this business is to establish technical consulting methods online for independent engineers.  I have used  Microsoft Expression Web to create several professional websites . This site was built using CSS code and PHP server script, and I have implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for web marketing purposes. Newton method iteration algorithms are used for certain calculations.

Nov 2005Dec 2007


Sankei Engineering Co., Ltd.

Sankei Engineering manufactures contact probes, which are electronic inspection tools for the final phase in the production line. Under imposed high electric current, heat effect had to be predicted, especially the temperature on both the probe and the product. I investigated prediction methods with three dimensional heat conduction Finite Element Method software (FEM software: AMPS  With this software, I created three-dimensional solid models of the Sankei product, set up heat phenomena of electric generated condition on the model and ran it.  To analyze the result, I created I/O Visual Basic applications for the software.  For any numerical simulation, accuracy with real phenomena is always the concern; to address this, I designed temperature measurement experiments with DOE, evaluated by statistical analysis (ANOVA) and Multiple Regression, and configured simulation setups to reflect experimental data.  I succeeded in obtaining verifiable experimental data with a thermograph camera and thermo couple sensors. The data was in the form of time-history surface temperature images.  Measurement of electric contact resistance by four-terminal measurement method allowed me to verify the performance of the probe. With this method, together with my general expertise in electrical engineering and electromagnetics, I was able to act as support for the technical sales staff.

Apr 2004Jul 2005

Quality Control Engineer/Researcher

VSN Co., Ltd.

VSN is a firm that assigns engineers to various companies according to their needs. 

Assigned to Honda.Co., Ltd. (from Jan. 2005 to July 2006)

While at Honda, I conducted performance analysis of engine cooling systems with three-dimensional CFD software: SCRYU/Tetra (, VECTIS (, and strain analysis of engine cylinder parts with CAE software: CATIA V5 (  My communication skills in English were needed here to explain FEM software operating bugs and remedies to technical service engineers from oversees.  I became an expert in time management at Honda, as allowable overtime is strictly monitored.  Efficiently running multiple tasks on simulation software helped me to stay productive. I was also able to recognize imperfections in the simulation software, and make appropriate adjustments in a timely fashion.

Assigned to Tohoku Pioneer.Co., Ltd. (from April 2004 to December 2004)

I played a key role in establishing effective lines of communication with residential engineers in Europe and Thailand regarding product quality. This required me to interpret and translate technical information from the Japanese engineers at Pioneer. My success in providing effective quality control support was due to my ability to accurately translate and provide pertinent information using electric circuit diagrams, theories and systems to troubleshoot and assist in problem solving. In addition, I regularly generated quality control management reports for our clients.  By becoming skilled in the use of the oscirograph, solder point and dryers, I was able to replace defective IC parts, which allowed me to successfully repair defective circuit boards.


Apr 1999Mar 2004

Master of Engineering

Nagoya University

My favorite subjects were fluid dynamics and heat transfer engineering.  I mainly researched suppression of unsteady phenomena in transonic flow. After constructing a two-dimensional metal airfoil for the transonic wind tunnel, I was able to obtain unsteady pressure distribution data over the model with electric pressure sensors.  While at university, I became adept at collecting credible data, specifically with a high-speed Shlieren camera system, and high-speed Furie transformation program.

Apr 1992May 1997

Associate Degree

Toyota National College of Technology

I gained acceptance into Toyota National College of Technology from Junior High School. As this was a university-level program, the Associates Degree that I earned is equivalent to a four-year electrical engineering degree. My favorite subjects were Electromagnetics and Electro Circuit.  In technical college, I mastered basic electrical engineering. Performing student experiments for four years helped to prepare me for a career as a researcher.  I was a member and the captain of the track and field club.