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Results-focused professional equipped with extensive experience as a network/ server administrator responsible for all aspects of multi-locations maintaining enterprise level operations.Offering demonstrated talents in defining and achieving high standards for quality and performance.Possessing excellent interpersonal, communication, team building, training, and leadership skills.Proficient in procurement, installation, modification, optimization, and standardization of new and existing hardware or software.

-Cisco Networking and MS Server administration

- Fiber optic cable installation, configuration and management

- Data Acquisition, Cleansing and Merging

- Deployment & configuration of Cisco switches and routers

-Process Improvement and System Benchmarking

-Technical Documentation, Test Plans and End-User Manuals

- APC Networked Uninterruptable Power supplies

- Application QA, Testing, Training and Deployment


- MPLS and VoIP Rollout

Key Contributions

¨Spearheaded build-out and expansion efforts of Network hardware and configuration for Riverside National Bank, state-wide including VoIP phone system, MPLS double redundant routers and additional switches.Contributed to bottom-line efficiency of network operations and green footprint reduction.Trimmed operating expenses by streamlining the procedures of deployment and acceptance testing.

¨Authored test plans, user manuals and procedure manual for AT&T Wireless Services, Motorola and Sensormatic Electronics.

¨Led design, construction, deployment, and purchasing efforts of network, server, desktop, firewall appliance hardware and software for each employer.

¨Electrical and Electronics Theory applications. Understanding of SSH and SSL encryption for FTP servers.

¨Data Correlation and Integrity of All National Cell Sites; Manager of Data Processors; Project Planning, Implementation, Quality Control and Software Testing

¨Proficient with Windows-based workstations and servers through 2005 with MS Office and TCP/IP networking.

Work experience

Dec 2007Mar 2009

Branch Network Support

State-wide network support, deployment and configuration of Cisco 2960, 3650, MPLS and IP ATM switches and routers. Ciscoworks and Cisco OS, Network Monitoring. APC Networked Uninterruptable Power supplies, Telecom, data and FAX relocation and deployment, Branch openings, Active Directory Management. Fiber optic cable installation, configuration and management. Project Requirements, ordering, configuring, tracking and deployment. Cisco IOS and BGP.

Aug 2004Jul 2007

Field Tech Support

Florida Power & Light
* Lead the deployment/configuration/implementation of most Service Centers in Florida with Itronix GoBooks (mobile laptops for work management system) in all Field Vehicles. * Anchor for deployment of AVL/GPS Pilot (GPS-based Vehicle location system) in Richmond Service Center (South Miami). * Electronic, LAN, WAN, Wireless and Computer troubleshooting. * Trained new Field Service Techs to assume designated territories across the state of Florida. * Imaged/Reimaged GoBooks for New & Spare Replacement. * Process Improvement and System Benchmarking. * QA & Testing of new applications/updates for field production. * Use of Remedy, Notes, Excel, FieldIT, eRoom, VMWare, Tivoli (GUI & Telnet) and RDC. * Wireless Configuration of all Mobile Devices (660) with LAN, RF Modem and Wireless 802.11 a/b/g capabilities. *Electrical and Electronics Theory applications. Understanding of SSH and SSL encryption on FTP servers. *Application QA, Testing, Training and Deployment.
Feb 2000Dec 2003

Database Maintenance Supervisor / Subject Matter Expert (SME)

AT&T Wireless Services
* Lead a group of up to ten contractors for preparation of merge of databases for all cell sites in United States. * Trained Data Entry employee process and protocols for pristine data. * SQA/Quality Control of Database applications; Preparation and Merge from five Legacy applications to one Web-Based Application. * Proficiency with Windows-based workstations and Windows 2000 Server with MS Office and TCP/IP networking. * Implemented training course for new recruits — speeding profitability. * Wrote Technical Documentation, Test Plans and End-User Manuals for Applications, Procedures and Protocols. * Technical Writing using FrontPage, Acrobat, Visio, MS Project. * Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures and Protocols. * Developed System Requirements & Specifications * Systems Administration in Server Environment
Nov 1998Feb 2000

Quality Control, iDEN Applications

Expanded quality team from 5 to 15 testers/developers. Released version changes as Change Management. Reimaged Desktops, Laptops and Palm devices. Wrote Technical Documentation, Test Plans and End-User Manuals for Applications, Procedures and Protocols. * SW Quality / Testing and full SDLC. Use of ClearCase, eRoom, WinRunner, Mercury Interactive, QuickTest Pro and other SW Development tools. * Supervised Testers of Proprietary Software in Windows Realm. *Motorola Software For iDEN Phone Series. *Clarified user needs, output requirements and types of internal controls needed. *Tested and debugged applications. Wrote technical software test plans. Analyzed, reviewed and rewrote test plans in order to adapt customer needs and program requirements. Compiled and wrote documentation of program development and subsequent revisions. Acquired End-User Acceptance and Regression Testing. Experience with Remedy, RoboHelp, ClearCase, TestTrack Pro and iDEN Software.
Jul 1994Nov 1998

Integration Engineering Prototype Laboratory Technician

Sensormatic, Inc. (Tyco)
Managed 3000 Sq.Ft Computer Integration Laboratory for POS Exception Monitoring, CCTV surveillance, Badge Access Prototype and Testing. Designed, Created and Built Computer Usability Observation Laboratory for User Acceptance Testing and Certification. Authored and drafted Customer Requirements Documents, Technical Requirements Documents and drafted Market Analysis Documents. * Experience with Network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, Token Ring and Telco network management systems. * CCTV and Web-based Video Streaming in digital video systems (SDTV, HDTV, MPEG 2, 3 and 4). * Millennium testing and Preparation. * Quality Control for Label Manufacturing. * ISO Compliance and Six Sigma Process Compliance and training. * Built PCs from scratch. * Process Improvement and System Benchmarking. * Millennium testing and Preparation. * Change Management Using BAAN. * Quality Control for Label Manufacturing. * ISO Compliance and Six Sigma Process Compliance. * Built PCs from scratch.




South University


Texas A&M University


Apr 2009Apr 2012

Cisco Certified Network Associate