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A fine artist based in Austin, Texas, Graydon Parrish creates portraits, flower paintings, and occasional large-scale narrative or allegorical paintings. He works mostly in oils on canvas or panel, but sometimes uses charcoal and chalk on paper. In addition to his own painting, Mr. Parrish also teaches, writes, lectures, and maintains a blog on the art world.

As an Adjunct Instructor at the Grand Central Academy of Art, Mr. Parrish passes on the classical techniques he learned as a student of painter and New York Academy of Art Professor Michael Aviano, as well as at the late Richard Lack. He has also taught classes on color theory based on the work of Albert Munsell. 

Graydon Parrish conducted years of art history research for the update of a Jean-Léon Gérôme catalogue raisonné written by art historian Gerald M. Ackerman. In addition, Mr. Parrish collaborated with Mr. Ackerman as the Editor of Charles Bargue and Jean Léon-Gérôme: Drawing Course. Based on the techniques of the two 19th-century masters of the French Academy, the book uses nearly 200 lithographs to explain techniques for drawing the body.

Graydon Parrish occasionally delivers public lectures on art. Recent talks included a discussion of portraiture and his own work at the University of Texas at Austin’s Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, and “Technique as Influence: The Painter’s Odyssey of Craft and Communication” given at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. 

Mr. Parrish trained at the New York Academy of Art after completing studies at the Booker T. Washington School High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. After earning his Master of Fine Arts and additional training at the Michael Aviano and Richard Lack ateliers, Graydon Parrish enrolled at Amherst College, where he undertook coursework in history, social biology, and French in addition to fine art. He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts. 

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