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delivering insights - that help make decisions - that drive action

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Manager, Business Analytics

Answers in Genesis

Beyond the question of what is happening there is the much more interesting question of why. Why are sales better this year? Why are expenses up? Why is the space between the stars 3.6°K? Only when we look deeply enough into our data will we begin to understand these correlations. When we understand the "why" we are close to predicting future performance based on planned actions. The data hold many answers and Data Science draws them out. That's what I get to do every day, and I get to do it in an organization that is really making a difference.

The technology I use varies based on the needs of the customer. From traditional SSRS reporting, to Power BI on the desk top, to Dundas BI dashboard anywhere, the depth or speed of the data will dictate the delivery methods. The goal is always understanding for decision-making, whether on the operations level or in the board room. Success starts with understanding the needs of the customer, whether internal or across the globe.

Sep 2003May 2012

Programmer / Analyst

FHC, Inc.

Data Analysis

Creating reports and schedules for manufacturing, accounting, marketing, sales and top management using browser-based tools and/or Excel pivot tables and graphing tools. Developing metrics and process improvements from business data. Managing inventory and MRP, and administering ERP software.

Programming & Project Management

Developed Rich Internet Application tools to mine data from PSQL and MSSQL databases via ODBC using PHP5, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Ajax, unobtrusive JavaScript (jQuery / Ext JS), and web standards, which allow users to mine two ERP systems, GoldMine CRM and CAPA (corrective actions) data systems via the company Intranet and secure Internet. Users realized increased productivity and company saved money that would have been required to purchase more ERP licenses.

Lead project that created a company training records system and a medical equipment service tracking program. Lead project to upgrade company to a new CRM system and integrate it with existing ERP system. Currently spearheading an effort to expanded e-commerce and data sharing applications for external customers (researchers, doctors and hospitals) in accordance with web standards and industry security directives (HIPAA).ERP and CRM software systems analysis

As internal consultant for the company, I  administered themission-criticalERP and CRM softwaresystems(implementation, updates, optimization, and training) for the IT department.Quality Systems (ISO 9000, FDA, ETL SEMKO) process development and review committee

As a member of the quality systems review committee, I provided guidance on all corrective action review notifications where the subject matter touched on processes in the Manufacturing, Materials, and ITdepartments.

Nov 2001Oct 2011

Programmer/Analyst, Principal

Grassy Hill Software

Created data mining software and data driven web sites. These projects ranged from small eCommerce sites done pro bono, to local commercial web sites, to an open-source data mining application for EvoERP built with PHP5, standard SQL, HTML5 and jQuery.

Apr 2001Oct 2001

eCommerce Developer, Consultant

Duke University

eCommerce Development with Java Servlets / XML / XSQL / XSLTConsultant for development of an online sign-up and bill paying system for student residential services, such as telephone, cable TV, pagers and cellular phone and airtime. Using Oracle 8i and WebSphere Application Server, provided a dynamic web application for over 10,000 authenticated users. Used XSQL to retrieve student and service data into XML files to dynamically deliver secure web pages via XSLT processing.

The project was intended to serve between thirty and fifty percent of the incoming class. Actual results were that eighty percent of the resident students signed up for services online and the application performed very well and scaled as needed with no down time during the crunch leading up to student arrival.

Application Analysis and DocumentationPerformed design and modeling of applications based on rudimentary user specifications. Developed Use Case, Data Flow and Sequence diagrams with modeling tools using the UML and Object Oriented Design methods. Wrote the required developer documentation and testing guidelines and provided a simplistic bug tracking system in an MS Access app.

Jan 2001Apr 2001

Java Developer

Rational Software

Java / XML Product Internationalization (I18n)Consultant for Level 2 and Level 3 I18n of SiteLoad product. Modified Java Servlet-based website load testing software to accept non-ascii character encodings, including double-byte (Unicode) character sets, such as Japanese (Shift-JIS). Developed Use Cases into specifications for full i18n of product and provided guidance to development team on creating and maintaining an international product.

Jun 2000Jan 2001

Java Developer

Redwood Software

Development of an XML Viewer in Java 2 SwingPlanning and development of a cross-browser, cross-platform Java applet to be a replacement for their ActiveX viewer. I was the first Java developer in a VB development environment. The viewer was the first step as the company began its move away from 100% MS environment into Java, Linux, Oracle and XML technologies to broaden the market for their portal product, Report2Web. Development highlights include JavaServer Pages interaction option vice ASP, dynamic XML creation via ASP or JSP calls, and extensive use of the Java text package for viewing and manipulating XML data reports.


Dundas BI

ETL, Data Cubes, Score Cards, KPIs, Dashboards


Data Warehousing, ETL programming


Standard and T-SQL

Power Pivot
Including DAX and publishing to SharePoint for user interaction.
Power BI
The MSBI stack, growing up from Excel into Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map.

Traditional Reporting

Advanced MS Excel

Currently using Excel for Business Intelligence and general data analysis. Pivot Tables / Charts are powerful tools for analysis and metrics. I have used Excel through many versions, including the Power BI tools extensively.

Have worked with HTML 3.2, 4, 4.01, XHTML, and now HTML5. Learned well-formed coding with XML / XSLT in 2001 and have worked with a number of IDEs and many hand-coded projects.
Have worked with all versions of CSS 1, 2, 2.1 and now 3), plus XSL and XSLT.
Have worked with JavaScript since 1998 in various was, from simple form validation to extensive DOM manipulation with DHTML, jQuery, and, most recently, Ext JS.


Feb 2011May 2012


Southern New Hampshire University

Specialized studies in accounting information systems, including managerial and cost accounting and data analysis. Member Delta Mu Delta honor society.

May 1999May 2000


New Brunswick Bible Institute

Computer Information Systems degree, Web Development concentration. Student Government, Honors Society. 3.86 GPA