Grant Boscamp

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2011 - Present

Patient Services Representative

Advanced Pain Management Center/Cedar Hill Surgery Center

I mainly work in the Medical Records Department of APMC. I verify insurance cards for the patients, I work at the front desk of either CHSC or APMC when one or more of the regular receptionists are gone. Being a pain clinic the patients are usually in pain and so have many complaints, I will help resolve those issues to the best of my ability. If one of the billing staff are absent I will finish their job. I mail any records and or bills, I also handle all faxes and distribute them to the appropriate person. I will do whatever task my employer might ask me to do if idle.


1. Medical Records Requests

2. APMC/CHSC Fill-in/Replacement Receptionist

3. Patient Complaint Resolver

4. Medical Insurance Verifier

5. Mail/Fax Clerk

6. Fill-in Billing Clerk

Mar 2010 - Present


Coffee, Tea, Etc...

Currently only working Mondays for a local coffee shop but originally working 3 full days a week or less with part days for when there was catering. I would work alone most of the time, but there was another girl that would occasionally work when it would get busy and so i would tell her what would be helpful for me etc, and she would do the same when I would come and help her. The coffee shop itself is very small, I would make homemade soup, chicken and I would bake a variety or cookies and cakes in an area 14x 9. I also made sandwiches, salads, wraps, including a diverse breakfast menu. Drinks were my speciality. I would make mochas and lattes in a very artistic way, using quality ingredients that we were proud to say that every food product was organic.


May 2010 - Present

High School Diploma

American School
Oct 2009 - Apr 2010


Portland Community Collage




I am well versed in all Windows/Macintosh Computers. I have extensive knowledge on AutoCAD 2000 to current, Google SketchUp 5 and up. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Etc... Also I know how to use photoshop and other 2D and 3D image software such as: Maya, 3DS Max, Etc... I use to make websites, write my own programs, basically computers come extremely easy to me.



I speak almost fluent Spanish. I speak a decent amount of German, I can read and understand most French, Italian, German, Spanish. I also speak some Russian and have dabbled in Japanese, Portuguese, and Latin, given several months I would be able to become fluent in most of the mentioned languages.


Im a very active person, I Hike, Backpack, Camp, Rock Climb, Bike, I did Martial Arts for 12 years until I was 17. I went to the gym regularly until about 1 year ago when I received a job opportunity. I've climbed Mt. Hood twice, and Mt. St. Helens once. I love all types of science like Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics (Astro- and Quantum Physics) Etc... I am fascinated by all things that are medical, and hope to one day become a RN or even a Cardiologists. I enjoy Video Games, Books, Movies etc... on my downtime. Since i took 3 years of Architecture in High School I became very talented in designing and visualizing houses and buildings, creating over 50 unpublished luxury floor plans. I have written a book that is not published yet but hope to have the money to do so one day. Art was a major passion of mine since i was a young boy, working in all types of mediums from pencil and charcoal to Oil and Watercolour, Clay and Wood the list goes on. For about 2 years I had a business where I sold my art. but sadly I could not handle the orders any longer so I shut it down. Basically i'm a jack of all trades, if I haven't done it yet i probably will so.