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Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Chief Information Officer

Tauranga City Council
Chief Information Officer I have enterprise level delegations for the strategic leadership of the Councils people, processes, and systems. Leading ICT investment and capability strategies for better prioritisation and rationalisation in today's rapidly evolving" extended enterprise”. Taking charge by creating ICT tactical plans-and an intelligent long-term strategy. Driving major architectural decisions and large expenditures. Addressing high visibility issues and risks. Leading people and growing talent in line with plans and strategies. Deciding what ICT services to contract/outsource and managing partner relationships. Setting priorities on ICT Capital and Opex investments. Establishing a PMO to guide capability, resource planning and deliver projects. Taking advantage of' disruptive'​ ICT interventions e.g. driving digital by default strategies. Evolving an ICT leadership/collaborating style that works best for the organisation. Addressing the unique challenges that face CIO's. Engaging with community groups and agencies to deliver City & Regional collaborative outcomes. Guiding submissions on UFB rollout and Digital Engagement Plans in support of central government funding for digital strategies. Guiding planned transition from owning/operating commodity ICT assets in favour of leased, service based & subscription options.
Apr 2015Sep 2015

Chief Information Officer and Acting Gm Community Services Dual Role

Tauranga City Council
Chief Information Officer and Acting GM Community Services(dual role). I retained my CIO delegations and took on the delegations for City Libraries, Customer Services, Community Development, Safe City, and the Baycourt Theatre.
Oct 2012Jun 2013

Programme Director & Manager Wellington

Telco Technology Services Limited(TTS)
Programme Director & Manager Wellington Reporting to the Managing Director. A member of the Executive Leadership Team. Responsible for the strategic relationship with the Ministry of Education, ICT partners, contractors, vendors & for the commercials, P&L, EBIT performance & contracts. The School Network Upgrade Programme(SNUP) was a multi-million dollar Government contract for delivery of enterprise level ICT solutions for NZ Schools. I established/improved project control procedures such as project forecasts, supply chain forecasts, and cash flow projections. I led a professional service team specialising in project management and designing, deploying and managing complete end-to-end ICT infrastructure, business applications, managed services and sales/contract management e.g. from ICT devices to data centers, and everything in-between, using the most cost effective mix of cloud based and on premise technologies. A versatile, innovative & adaptive leadership approach was required seeing the“ big picture” while also focusing on the details. I led capital funding requests from project approval to project closeout. I established strong networks with key stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. Relationships I managed included key people with the Ministry of Education, local government agencies, professional service providers, contractors, school boards, and a wide range of local and multinational ICT service providers. I managed funding requests, led tender evaluations & contract negotiations and I set the budgets. I managed the commercials, delivered new revenue, and improved EBIT. I ensured that the TTS Executive and Board were advised on appropriate strategies, goals, and objectives. The people I led delivered several hundred successful projects by collaborating with the Ministry of Education and our SNUP partners. I put in place relationship networks, new structure/people and changed the environment to better connect/collaborate with public agencies and private organisations-together we achieved outcomes of national significance.
Jan 2012Oct 2012

Chief Information Officer(X 2 Fixed-Term Contracts)

New Zealand Racing Board
Chief Information Officer(x 2 Fixed-Term Contracts) The Interim CEO appointed me as his Chief Information Officer(CIO). I was also a member of the Senior Executive Team. This was a fixed-term contract-which was extended. I improved ICT enterprise architecture & performance-availability, reliability, security, and scalability. I reprioritised the most significant capital projects and delivered results in line with Board expectations by translating technical specifications into detailed customer/product requirements, and collaborating with the sales, marketing, and support teams to launch products on time and within budget. I provided timely actuals, forecast and budget data for the projects I led. I reset the ICT environments. This was achieved by taking charge, sponsoring key business projects and leading talented people. I gained buy-in from the Board and Executive Team to establish then implement an ICT strategic plan. I deployed capacity planning, agile methodologies and fundamentals of ITIL and developed methods to establish and clarify customer objectives. I reset ICT performance by analysing key aspects of the business to evaluate the factors driving results. Doing something different and in a short period of time was an explicit stakeholder expectation. This was achieved during a period of significant change to governance teams-Board and Executive structures. The ICT environment was distributed nationally across 600+ retail outlets, regional sites and TV/Radio operations. I worked closely with the outgoing & incoming CEO's, Board members & Executives. I initiated projects in response to audit issues & risks. I managed the commercials, guided contract delivery, and shaped relationships with local and international service providers. I supported the Interim CEO to achieve the Board's priorities-by putting in place the right structure, people, and ICT environments to achieve the agreed business objectives. As a result-the goals established for this fixed term position were achieved.
Aug 2005Oct 2011

General Manager

Dunedin City Council
General Manager This position had dual accountability for the effective leadership of the City Council as well as very specific accountabilities for Executive governance including frequent periods as the Acting City CEO. I fostered a climate of collaboration between the general public, city managers and members of city council through sponsorship of strategic initiatives including the City Digital strategy & co creating annual operating plans & the City's long term plan. I was invited to join the State Services Commission led e-gif interoperability committee, serving for three consecutive years-charged by NZ Cabinet to develop policies & strategies for Govt. led shared service initiatives e.g. Digital & web interoperability, identity management, e-government services, ICT procurement & geospatial services. I was invited to assist National Archives to shape its Digital Strategy. I was invited by SSC to apply the Governments Gateway ICT investment methodology. GM responsibilities included Working with community & industry groups to deliver sustainable results in each of my GM portfolios City ICT, Customer Services, Visitor Tourism, Business Planning, Health & Safety, City Safety. Translating business objectives into change programs CRM, ERDMS, ERP, CMS, digital, fibre, VOIP, online services & establishing enterprise level ICT architecture & investment plans Co creating City strategy, vision, budgets Creating annual operating plans by collaborating to shape the City long term plan Business planning, financial management, change management & business improvement Improving ICT, business processes & customer service performance Ensuring ICT enterprise level performance-availability, reliability, security & scalability Advancing the Councils business objectives, strategies, audit & risk identification, control testing and process improvement procedures Emergency mgmt. and Civil Defence-enlisting support & collaborated with businesses and community groups
Jul 2002Aug 2005

Manager Operations

Genesis Energy
Manager Operations I fostered a climate of collaboration between senior management, retail operations, and our service providers, by establishing strategic performance reporting and contract mgmt. frameworks. This approach was(successfully) extended into other Genesis Energy teams by putting in place the right structure, people, and system environments. As a result I kept retail operations stable and able to grow to keep up with rapid customer acquisition and changing business objectives. I ensured that we had talented and expert people across our in-house and outsourced operations. We became a very professional operations team. The ICT service delivery partners I worked closely with included-SITEL, NZ Post, Gentrack, Telecom, Gen-i, Comet and Moore Gallagher. My management duties included. People and financial management Partnering with the marketing to translate product features into customer value propositions-online channels and consumer messaging Managing contractual/commercial change requests from project approval to project closeout. Managing process change and customer acquisition/integration projects Establishing Emergency Management and Civil Defence processes by collaborating with our competitors, Lines companies, local government & local Lifelines groups-particularly in the Waikato and Taranaki regions Managing commercial relationships and initiating process/ICT improvements and digital projects including Online operations manual, online business rule database for our front and back office contractors-to direct & guide our customers experience Creating annual operating plans and collaborating to shape long term operations plan Business planning, financial management, change management & business improvement Intervened in emergency situations to protect communities & community assets I built a virtual operations team-comprising my direct reports, service providers, contractors, and key people from other Genesis Energy business units, as well some of the key people employed by our primary service provider-SITEL Corporation.
Jul 2001Jul 2002

Manager Retail Services

Manager Retail Services I was responsible for TrustPower retail service operations. The scope of my responsibilities included project sponsorship of customer acquisitions/data migrations, revenue collection/billing for retail and commercial customers. The scope of which extended to time of use, billing, price changes, customer acquisition/data integration, meter reads and sequencing, customer switching, business analysis, connections/disconnections, fraud/billing/credits/revenue risk/time of use & complaint mgmt. I managed significant commercial relationships with ICT service providers, industry vendors and NZ Post and several print houses. Several Management Positions
Nov 1992Jul 2001


Process Services
Manager. I established from start-up a professional services business unit within the Shared Services Group of Telecom NZ Services Corporate. I was charged with establishing & leading significant business improvement projects during a period of intense competition alongside regulatory changes. I prepared program operating budgets, budget reports and other financial performance reports. I fostered an environment which encouraged continual process improvements by partnering with customer, sales & marketing teams to translate product & service features into customer value propositions. Key projects included Bid to Bill, Jetstream, Corporate Trouble Management, CRM, Billing, Special Bid's and Customer Credits.


Telecom NZ Services Process Services
Manager(Corporate) Y2K Programme. A three-year leadership position. A versatile and innovative management approach was required. Adaptive, seeing the“ big picture” while still also focusing on the details. Retention and bonus payments aside my performance was measured on results e.g. identify & deliver new revenue streams, manage commercial contracts, resolve customer service issues and risks, translate technical specifications into detailed product requirements & media relations. I delivered a program encompassing capital investment in ICT system upgrades, replacement, repair, & abandonment of ICT systems & customer owned equipment. I successfully led a multimillion dollar programme of work that delivered substantive results for Telecom & its customers by leading, planning, budgeting, vendor selection & risk assurance. Netway(Telecom subsidiary)-Manager Business Improvement. I established a 3 year change programme that resulted in Netway being awarded the Auckland Regional Quality Award and the National Quality Award. The award ceremonies were held in Auckland & NZ Parliament. I also managed several Netway portfolios including Business Improvement, Logistics, and Netway's Y2K Programme Management Office. Various non managerial positions e.g Business Analyst, TQM/ISO Mgmt. Consultant