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Work experience


Chief Executive Officer

Glasgow City Mission

Senior Pastor

Bishopbriggs Community Church

- Appointed Pastor of Bishopbriggs Community Church (BCC) 2009

- Responsible for a congregation of approximately 150 members

- Leading a team of elders and further leadership teams

- Developed church vision and strategy with eldership team

- Responsible for BCC teaching programme

- Working with the BCC finance team operating an annual budget of £240,000

- Responsible for the development and the discipling of leadership teams

- Initially appointed Community Pastor (2007)

- Sought to develop new community pastor role in Bishopbriggs locality

- Network and establish relationships with local agencies, businesses, council and government representatives

- Establish “The Well at Bishopbriggs” as a vision within BCC

- Set up “The Well at Bishopbriggs” as a Scottish Charity

- Oversee and manage volunteers in the running of “The Well at Bishopbriggs”


Technical Trainer, Consultant & Web Designer  

Grant Campbell

- Established GRANT CAMPBELL in August of 2002 as a training company

- Delivering Adobe, Quark and other software training

- Web design, Construction & Testing

- Wound down the company in 2004


Technical Trainer

Tidalfire Limited

- Founding member of Tidalfire Limited

- Providing traditional DTP, web and internet training

- Responsible for creating and delivering custom and bespoke courses

- Present and deliver standard and advanced training courses to delegates


Level 3 European Product Support Engineer  

Adobe Systems Europe Limited

- Responsible for the quality and development of two tiers of technical support provided through outsourced agencies

- Training of technical support agents throughout Europe

- Liaise with support agencies and plan support strategy

- Support product marketing managers during product launch and road shows

- Liaise and co-ordinate support strategy with Adobe Systems, San Jose, Seattle

- Developed productive relationships with other software and hardware companies throughout the world


Software Testing Manager  

McQueen International

- Managed and responsible for 12 members of the software testing department

- Developed testing plans for Adobe products

- Delivered training for testing department staff

- Software testing evaluation and costing of applications and products

- Responsible for final product sign off

- Liaise and co-ordinate testing effort with external clients


Software Localisation Engineer/Software Tester  

Aldus Europe Limited

- Reverse engineering of American English product for European market

- Co-ordinate engineering effort with testing staff, ensuring product quality in a time critical environment

- Build master product and sign off for duplication of finished software

- Devise and construct testing plans specifically for the European market place

- Develop bug/defect database, enabling the department to store and monitor defects within each application




BA Theology

International Christian College

Returned to theological study in 2004, studying towards my BA in Theology, with a major in Practical Theology for which I one the Neil Hood Award in 2007. I had two practical placements during this time, working with the Rock Community Church 2006 and Bishopbriggs Community Church 2007.


Theological Studies Certificate

Belfast Bible College

Having spent 8 years in the IT industry I took two years away from software. I moved over to Belfast and studied part time at Belfast Bible College where I gained a Certificate in Theological Studies. I worked part time as a Youth Ministry coordinator for Glenabbey Church.


Broughton High School, Edinburgh



Proven track record of building strong and prodictive relationships with 


Proven ability to lead both in hierarchical and relational environments

Organizational Development
Volunteer Management
Social Enterprise