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Barak Granot

Head of Public Relations and 'Hasbara", The Israeli Ministry of Economy

Work experience


Strategic Media Consultants

MK Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch

As the Strategic Media Consultants to the MK Yulia Shamalov Berkovitch (KADIMA), my main responsibilities lay in coordinating the Media, dealing with New Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and managing the volunteers.

A large portion of my position includes dealing with public affairs matters, legislation, coordinating the MK's calendar and appointments, and researching various topics that need addressing.


Marketing & Registration Manager

EFI Policy Conference 2008

European Friends of Israel, Belgium

Prior to and during the EFI Policy Conference, I managed the registration team and the marketing strategy toward the members of parliament and other invitees of the event. The event took place in Paris, France on November 6th and 7th, 2008. In preparation for the event, my team cooperated with hundreds of members of parliament; altogether, their chambers represented 47 European countries. In total, my team recruited over 500 members of parliament, high officials, advisors, former head of states and distinguished guests from all over Europe to attend the conference. During the conference, I directed the event registration team, the transportation team and the coordination with the designated travel agency and other relevant service providers and suppliers.


Public Relations Consultant

IBH, Strategic and Media Solutions Management

I managed accounts for clients with small to medium businesses. I assisted my clients by drafting strategies that would improve their public image and by sending press releases that led to positive publicity.


Campaign Coordinator - Public Affairs

MK Ami Ayalon's campaign

As the campaign coordinator and head of public affairs at the Ami Ayalon campaign for chairing the Israeli Labor party. My main responsibilities lay in coordinating various volunteer and logistical activities. I managed the recruitment process of potential voters, supervised a staff of callers, maintained the campaign's website and database system and organized events and conferences in support the candidate, Ami Ayalon.


Head of the Public Affairs and Spokesperson

Student Association, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Acted as the SA spokesperson, managed the weekly magazine, led the reconstruction of the website, maintained relations with NGOs, government officials and national organizations, organized student delegations (to Poland, Korea, India, etc.) and launched various events and conferences dealing  with political, social and international matters. I personally managed a $150,000 budget and led the organizing of the "Ben Gurion University Board of Governors annual Student associations' fund raising event" that raised a total amount of over $140,000. As a member of the SA management board, I was in charge of more than 200 workers, a 6 million Shekel budget ($1.5 million), and the cultural life of over 17,000 students on 5 campuses.


Feb 2003Present

Training seminar for PR activities worldwide

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Oct 2009Feb 2014

Master of Arts

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Program is interdisciplinary and deals with topics of conflict management and resolution in different fields. The Program includes study ofthe theoretical approaches, strategies, and techniques of conflict management and resolution and problem solving between: individuals; social, economic, and political groups; communities; and states. The Program also includes both academic-theoretical and methodological courses,the latter addressing skills, techniques, and internship.


Bachelor of Arts in Politics & Government

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Cumulative GPA: 88

Certificates in:

  • Politic & Government
  • Mass Communications
  • Defense Studies

Major papers: 

  • Digital Technology: The role of the Web in the modern Democracy
  • Muslims in France: Analysis of the community's integration


Mr. Amir Golan

Dr. Sharon Pardo

Dr. Sharon Pardo, is the current Director of CSEPS and a Jean Monnet lecturer on European Union affairs in the Department of Politics and Government at Ben-Gurion University.



Hebrew (Mother tongue)

English (Advanced)

Computer Skills

Office programs - Power Point, Word, Excel, Outlook, Access - (Advanced)

Computer Maintenance - (Expert)

EFI Policy Conference 2008



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