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I am a Senior Manager with 33 years experience within the Criminal Justice System and effective risk management. I have worked at all levels in the UK Criminal Justice System and Governed at CEO level a number of different types of prison establishment.  I have a sucessful track record as a change manager in the most difficult environments and have sucessfully defended the need for change in both the courts and arbitration.  I am Trained and experienced in the management of serious incidents, command of serious incident,  Intervention Squad commander and self defence instructor. As a Prison Governor I have had sole responsibility for budgets up to 14 million pounds management of over 600 prisoners and 400 staff. 

As EU advisor to Bulgaria I project managed and led the restructuring of the Bulgarian penitentiary system in preparation for EU accession from 2005-2007. I developed national policies for human resources, training and drugs prevention to support the change agenda. I have provided Senior Management training and mentoring to managers to underpin sustainability and delivery. I have delivered workshops on behalf of the EU on Total Quality Management in the UK, Latvia and Bulgaria.  In addition I opened up the Private Public Partnership (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) agendas in Bulgaria and established a potential 10 billion pound (30 billion dollar) market. 

In my present role in Bulgaria I am introducing a system of performance management supported by performance standards and delivering senior management training and mentoring.  I am also project managing the delivery of skills uplift in drug treatment programmes,  key and basic skills teaching and abstinance programmes across the country.  Additionally I am introducing a national command structure to manage prisoner unrest and the setting up of Gold, Silver and Bronze command systems and providing training for Senior Managers. 

I am used to working of my own initiative in a foreign country and gaining the trust of those around me.  I am comfortable working at all levels to get my message across and well used to working with other Senior Managers and Ministers. 

I now seek my next challenge at Senior Management/CEO level delivering change, driving agendas, project managing and delivering sucess 

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

European Union Advisor

European Union

European Union Advisor to the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria under the EU institution building programme.  Reporting to the Minister of Justice and the Head of the Penitenitiary System.

Project managing an 80,000 euro project to deliver sustainable change to the way the penitentiary system in Bulgaria operates.  Four specific elements are being imbedded,

  • Design and implement a performance management system built on clear performance targets
  • Design and implement a command and control structure to manage prisoner unrest
  • Deliver refresher training to drug treatment specialists and introduce a national system of programme accreditation to support the quality of future delivery 
  • Raise public awareness of Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as a means to improve public service industry delivery.   Initiative to include the organisation and management of an international conference.
Jun 2007Sep 2008

Performance Improvement Manager

HM Prison Service

Performance Improvement lead for the English and Welsh Prison Service.  Led a team of nationwide consultants focusing on performance improvement, effective deployment of staff and designing new systems of work.

Acted as client lead on designing project briefs that reflected customer requirements, identified project delivery targets within agreed Terms of Reference.  Maintained project overview and quality assurance delivering to agreed targets.

Designed and oversaw adjustments to core business model to assist in the cost reduction strategy for 2008-2009 to deliver overall cost reductions of 20 million pounds.     

Sep 2005Jun 2007

EU Advisor

European Union

European Union Advisor to Bulgaria on Criminal Justice reform in preparation for the countries accession to the EU.  Imbedded within the Ministry of Justice working to the Minister of Justice and the head of the Penitentiary System.

Project managed a 80,000 Euro project delivering wide ranging changes to a very stagnated system in its move from communism to joining the EU.  Delivered written quarterly progress reports to the EU in Brussels and a final report at the project completion.  Working from the Minister of Justice and Heads of the Prison Service I oversaw changes in legislation and a penal reform programme.  I gained the trust and support of  all those working with me and was able to deliver all elements of the project fiche  raising public awareness of the role the Prison System within a healthy society.

Introduced the potential of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as a way to move the service forward and hosted an international conference to raise public awareness.  Project delivered on all contract outcomes and exceeded on other targets utilising identified savings.  In recognition of the sucess of the project was the first foreign national to be awarded Ministry of Justice medal for my work in Bulgaria.   

Jul 2003Aug 2005

Performance Improvement Manager

HM Prison Service

Led a team of performance improvement consultants across England and Wales.  Delivered improvement programmes at national and local level.  Working with client designed Terms of Reference and project deliverables to reflect clients requirements.  The consultncy assisted in the delivery of a cost reduction strategy year on year from 2003-2005. 

Suported the and refined a Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) and supported the Performance Standards Programme and balanced scorecard process.   

Mar 2001Jul 2003

Governor HMP Dartmoor

HM Prison Service

Appointed as Governor of HMP Dartmoor as a change manager to move the establishment forward or place it up for privatisation.  Against fierce union resistence delivered a re role of core business activity staffing reductions and budget reduction from £14.5 million ($29 m)  to £13 million ($26 m).

Sole budgetry responsiblilty throughout and project led the change process.  Only Governor to date to have succesfully defended union chalenges through Central Arbitration Court (CAC) and Arbitration and Conciliation Service (ACAS). 

Delivered a new focus and vision to the staff and establishment.  Managed media and press interest throughout the process.  Delivered the change process within targets set and budget.  At the begining of 2001 the establishment was marked 123 out of 129 establishments at the end performance had improved and the establishment moved from 123 to 15th in the country.  Awarded the Queens Jubilee Medal for Service to the Crown. 

Created a resettlement unit that was recognised as a model of best practice and in recognition was officially opened by HRH Prince Charles in May 2003.   

Apr 2000Apr 2001

Project Manager South West

HM Prison Service

Employed as project manager for the South West of England.  Oversaw changes of core business activity in three establishments in the South West of England.  Overall budget 20m pounds (40m dollars) 

Provided management support to individual governors (CEO,s) throughout the process and management mentoring to both Governors and Senior Management Teams.  Set up a project planning process in all three establishments and training in the disciplines of project management principles.

Provided monthly reports to the South West Area Managers team and maintained management focus throughout the change process.   

Jun 1997Mar 2000

Governor HMP Guys Marsh

HM Prison Service

Deputy Governor and Governor of HMP and HMYOI Guys Marsh.

Managed a mixed population of 650 prisoners (young offender and adult) through an expansion programme and performance improvement.   

Project managed the expansion process to a succesfull conclusion without disruption to core business or performance.  Supported and mentored Senior Managers in project management and communications skills.

Mar 1996Mar 1997

Deputy Governor HMHC Haslar

HM Prison Service

Deputy Governor at HM Holding Centre Haslar.  Establishment held 600 multi nationals on behalf of the Imigration and Nationality Service.  One of only two Governors deployed in the establishment so acted as alternate Governing Governor (CEO)

Managed relationships between different ethnic groups and led Senior Management focus to provide clear communication structures to staff.

Acted as link between Senior Management and the Staff Associations and Unions providing stability in what was a volatile industrial relations climate.   

Apr 1992Apr 1996

Residential Governor HMP High Down

HM Prison Service

Joined HMP High Down as part of a commissioning team to open a new high security prison to be opened in Banstead Surrey. Total commissioning budget £77m ($154m)

Designed and negotiated attendance systems for staff and sucessfully introduced them on the opening of the establishment.  Managed the commissioning process at Union, Staff and Prisoner level with succesful buy in from all stakeholders throughout the process.  Acted as Residential Manager managed a training programmes for new staff and induction for new prisoners. 

From Residence moved to Head of Security and introduced new searching programmes and security interventions to reduce drug movement into the establishment.  Managed liaison with Scotland Yard and had a full time member of Scotland Yard as part of the security group.

Managed Security Teams, Riot Intervention Teams including acting as Riot Intervention Commander and Bronze Commander in the event of an incident. 

Trained in command of serious incidents and internal/criminal investigations

Feb 1988Mar 1992

Senior Officer HMP Aldington

HM Prison Service

Joined HMP Aldington as part of a commissioning team to re role the young offender establishment to an adult establishment.

Acted as a mentor to staff at all levels in the management of adult prisoners.  Introduced staff attendance systems in addition to core business routines.  Developed new communications systems to support the change process. 

Trainer in self defence and riot command structures 

Nov 1977Jan 1988

Officer HMP Lewes

HM Prison Service

Joined Prison Service in 1977.

Managed all types of prisoner.  Trained all aspects of prisoner management, risk management and specifically;

  • Legal Aid
  • Security
  • Riot Control Squad member
  • Riot Control Commander
  • Self Defence Trainer
  • Informant Management

Worked with all types of prisoners and also the mangement of informants as part of the security group.  Experienced in all aspects of prisoners management and experienced 4 major prisoner riots as part of intervention teams.

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