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-Responsible and Trustworthy ; to be at work on time

-Assisted at our church Coffee Shop. Established skills at problem solving

-Shown Leadership Skills. Will take constructive criticism and make change if needed

-Determined to do my best effort into anything I do. 

- Willing to learn

Work experience

Jun 2015Present


New London Subway

 This June will mark a year of  working at New London's Subway. I have learned so many useful skills while working at Subway. Like how to handle Criticism and take it use to be a better worker. Also how to deal with a hard situation. 


Youth Group

New London Alliance Church

My church does so many things with our community. I assist with a lot of the events that we hold for the community to go too. One event that I have helped with before is preparing food for Families that don't have a lot of money and could really use a free meal. Also I played with some of the parents kids while they were talking. Also we have been taking care of a garden every summer, growing fruits and Veggies for people in the community and then taking to their homes. Also I have helped with preparing meals after church. We are going on mission trip with a bunch of different youth groups and we help with poor communities there by making houses or cleaning of some sort. 



High School

New London

Student Council

Student Council has been amazing. It has taught me so much. We are very active in our school. We do stuff the bus out in the community in the summer. Stuff the bus is when people come and donate school supplies and book bags so that people who don't have the money for it can have some. Also established  all different kind of activities every year for our school. We learn how to be leaders in our School and how to be responsible with time. 


I am so honored to say that I am Trim-M. Trim-M is a national honor society for music students. You have to have a G.P.A of 3.0 to asked into this. Trim-M is like the leaders in the music classes you are in and your teacher sees leadership in you. You can't sign up for it you have to be picked for it. We do a lot to help with the Music Boosters. We volunteer to help with events going on at the school