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Aug 2011May 2015

Bachelor of Arts

California State University, Chico

Child Development

Work experience

Jan 2012May 2015

Text Associate

Chico State Wildcat Store

Engage with customers to meet their needs. Help customers find books and products throughout the store. Assist in creating book orders from professors. Perform office tasks, answering the phone, faxing, and taking messages.

Jan 2015May 2015

Teacher Assistant

Associated Students Child Development Laboratory

Participate in creating and implementing curriculum. Assist in potty routines with children. As well as, interacting with children during inside and outside free play.



 Spring 2014          Supervised Fieldwork

                                    Worked directly with children ages ranging from 3-5 years old. Developed curriculum that was developmentally appropriate and implemented it through activities, environment, routine, or activities.

 Fall 2014                Supervised Practicum

                                    Implemented curriculum throughout the environment, routine, activities, and interactions with the children. Facilitated with lunch, bathroom, and nap time.

 Spring 2015          Supervised Internship

                                    Facilitated in planning the curriculum and structure of the programs time. As well as creating activities that children will take part in. Organize and direct children to activities and informing them about directions.

Experience with Children, Families, and Programs

 Spring 2011     Boy and Girls Club: Volunteer                                                         

                             Interacted with children with activities and homework help.

Spring 2012  Community Action Volunteers in Education: Teacher’s Aide         

                             Helped support children in a kindergarten classroom.

                             Aided in circle and table activities

 Spring 2015     Associate Students Child Development Lab                                    

                              Worked with children ages 2-3 years. Collaborate on a curriculum and implement it.

Technology Skills

Microsoft Word

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Professional Responses

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