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I am looking for part time to full time employment to build upon my prior retail and food service work experience.  I enjoy customer service and helping business run smoothly and efficiently.

Work experience

Nov 2015Present

Sales Associate

Hot Topic

I provide great customer service to make anyone feel welcome in our store.  I answer questions on apparel or merchandise.  I encourage better sales that both supports the business and lets the customer walk away happy.  I also organize shipments and place products on the floor in their proper place.  I enjoy making the displays neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Aug 2015Oct 2015



I welcomed everyone who came in the door in a professional and friendly way; upholding the company's image as I was taught to.  I seated customers in an organized pattern while also remaining in contact with all of the servers on staff to ensure that the work was evenly distributed. I was actively ready to be the cashier for every party on their way out of the restaurant.  I made sure they were leaving happy with their experience.  I also cross-trained as a server and managed phone orders.


Sep 2015Dec 2015

Most Recently Attended...

Coconino Community College

General education with future goals in the fields of Architecture and Dance.

Jul 2015

General Education Diploma (GED)

(achieved at) Yavapai Community College

To begin college a year earlier than high school would have allowed.

Aug 2012Jun 2015


Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy

General education with an emphasis in performing arts/dance.

Volunteering Experience

Choreographer for Theatrikids Camp Production (May-June 2015)

  • A leadership position to teach kids ages 8-13 dance combinations to be performed in the production of the Wizard of Oz.  Also counseled for the kids during the camp, answered questions, supervised them, and talked to parents when necessary.

Sun Sounds Theater Project Organizer (Spring 2013)

  • I did most of the scheduling and organization for a school theater group I was a part of to record a stage play as a radio show.  This was achieved in partnership with a local radio station that catered toward people who are blind or have reading disabilities.



The ability to take initiative and have the confidence to do what needs to be done in any particular situation.

Computer Literate

Prior knowledge to have the general ability to work with computers or similar technology or learn how to use them quickly.

Physically Capable

A history of sports - primarily dance - that makes me stronger than I look and very capable of physical work.

Register/Money Handling Experience

Comfort and confidence in counting/ handling money, going through purchases and using sales systems.


Experience in taking initiative to ensure that myself as well as my co-workers and managers are on the same page.

Customer Service

Comfort and Confidence in approaching customers to see if I can help them or serve them better as well as answer any questions that need to be asked.