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French high-school diploma

Sep 2009Sep 2010

Professional bachelor - IT Developper and administrator

Sep 2007Sep 2009

Two-year university degree in Software engineering


Work experience

Mar 2009Jun 2009

Innovations Research in Web-Services in a virtual world

Teesside University

For two months, I worked with an IT doctor.

I learnt web-services, the Smalltalk-80 language, and to work in english.

Aug 2008Aug 2008

Customer Service

Bouygues Telecom

I was in the customer service of a Bouygues Telecom store for 2 weeks.

My job consisted of advising customers, selling phones, accessories and subscription.

I learnt some commercial and communication skills.

Jul 2008Jul 2008


Quick - Fast-food restaurant

I was shipmate, especially in kitchen at the Part-Dieu Quick for two weeks.

My job consisted of making burgers for customers.

I learnt this job was really hard because we are like machines.

We don't use our brain, and I don't like this.

I realized the chance I have to work in IT.

Jul 2007Sep 2007

Baggage Handler / Runner

Byblos hotel

I was Baggage handler in a very famous hotel : The Byblos.

I improved some skills :

- Physical because I had to carry very heavy baggages all the day (and sometimes night).

- English because the Byblos is a international hotel. I had to speak in english with the clients.

- Respect and humbleness because clients are very rich and we can't treat them like other people.

Jan 2006Jun 2007

Short missions in materials handling


I have made some physical jobs :

- Put products on display in supermarkets

- Unload goods from lorries.

- Do inventories.

Sep 2005Jan 2006

Salesman / Demonstrator of High Tech Products

Haute Fidélité

I improved some commercial skills, and discovered entreprise environment.


I use this Microsoft new technology in my licence professionnelle enterprise.
Software engineering
Information Technology architecture
Self educated on this language for my placement in Middlesbrough. I used it to make a XML parser and some manipulation of data scripts.
I learnt the C and C++ in the IUT. In the professional bachelor, I learnt C#, and I use it in my work ( Silverlight projects )
Learning of Java in the IUT. At the Licence professionnelle, I learnt more about this language.
Use of xHTML, CSS and Javascript for my end-of-year project (Web site of information technology tutorials).


Sports: Archery (Rhône champion in 2004), VTT, Martial arts

Cinéma, Maths, Philosophy, Personal development.

Driver Licence