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Personal Statement on Leadership

Leadership is ultimately about causing continual school improvement.  In order to improve schools we need to develop them as learning communties in which all members take ownership of this process.  I firmly believe that leadership is not something that is directly linked to a position, although this is sometimes how it is interpreted.   To me, leadership is an action and is demonstrated on many different levels by many different people within a school.  This means that the teachers have a major a part to play in leading school improvement and it is the role of the senior leadership team to enable this.

Schools in a 21st century context must work towards becoming learning communities where leadership is a collective action. The formation of a learning community in which all staff contribute to the whole is no easy task, but begins with the principal and the senior leadership team.  A senior leadership team must attempt to be inclusive in decision making, open to opportunities for consultation, use collaborative approaches to professional learning and actively develop shared leadership across the school community.

Personal Statement on Learning

I believe in a co-constructed approach to learning in which students build knowledge and skills together as a community of learners.  This approach emphasises collaborative methods in which the teacher sits alongside the learners, rather than directing everything for them.  If we are to truly develop self-managing learners then teachers must be prepared to let go of the reins to some extent.  While this may seem a difficult thing to do in a high stakes assessment environment, the New Zealand curriculum is clearly challenging teachers to take this step. 


Models of learning

Work experience

Feb 2008Present


Cantatech eLearning Community
Jan 2004Feb 2008

HOD Social Science and Director of ICT Teaching and Learning

Marlborough Girls' College
Jan 2002Jan 2004

HOD History and Classical Studies

Pakuranga College
Jan 1999Jan 2002

Assistant Teacher

Auckland Grammar


Feb 2007Present

Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Leadership)

University of Canterbury
Jan 1997Jan 1998

Diploma Teaching

New Zealand Graduate School of Education
Feb 1990Dec 1993

Bachelor of Arts

University of Canterbury