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Ann Leaness

Teacher/Edcamp Co-founder

Work Experience

Sep 2014Present


SLA at Beeber

English Teacher - Grades 10, 11, 12

Founding Teacher

Roster Chair 

  • Designed the master schedule, tracked student academic progress
  • Designed and Implemented Professional Development Sessions: on-boarding new teachers during summer PD at SLA Beeber and SLA Middle School
  • Mentored new teachers throughout the school year
  • Developed Curriculum


Teacher Advisory Council

Gates Foundation

Worked as a teacher advisor to the K-12 Education team to help inform new policy and provide feedback on existing policy.

Attended professional development conferences led by the Education Foundation.

Traveled to school to conduct school visits.

Hosted a Professional Development Mini-Conference at the Art Museum

Sep 20112014


Franklin Learning Center

English Teacher- Grades 10, 11, 12

  • Technology Team Leader 
  • Design and Implement Professional Development Sessions
  • Instructional Leadership Team
  • Vision Committee
  • AP Coordinator
  • Gifted Student Mentor

Edcamp CoFounder

  • Collaborated with a team of educators to provide Professional Development opportunities for teachers by teachers around the world.
  • Started a non-profit and Served on the board of directors.
  • Co- Authored The Edcamp Model: Powering Up Professional Learning
  • Spoke at ASCD, ISTE, and other Professional Conferences
Jan 20082012

Graduate Education Adjunct

Neumann University

Graduate Level Courses I Teach

  • Philosophical Foundations for Instructional Leadership
  • Teaching to Diversity
  • The Pedagogy of Cognition
  • Curriculum Design and Evaluation
  • Teaching Strategies Seminar II: The Inclusive Classroom
  • Advanced Strategies in Technology and Assessment
  • Constructivist Perspectives in Reading
  • Behavior Management
Sep 2006Aug 2011

English Teacher/Technology Teacher Leader

Martin Luther King High School
English Teacher 10-12


  • American Literature
  • World Literature
  • Communications Technology
  • SAT Prep
  • Senior Writing/Project
  • AP Literature


  • Technology Teacher Leader: coaching teachers with lesson design and helping them integrate technology in their instruction. 
  • Designing and Implementing Professional Development sessions.  
  • Maintain school website and Facebook Page, troubleshoot and maintain computer equipment.
  • Organizational Chair: Enter archives, track student progress, collaborate with team on planning and preparation of master roster
  • School Newspaper Moderator
  • Junior Class Sponsor: Responsible for planning Junior Prom and activities.
Jul 2001Jun 2005

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

St. Hubert Catholic High School


  • Created the Master Roster for the entire school of 1160 students and 55+ faculty members.
  • Created schedules for and managed standardized and school-wide testing procedures.
  • Supervised all aspects of grade reporting.
  • Responsible for evaluation and supervision of teachers.
  • AP Coordinator
  • Handled admissions for incoming students.
  • Professional Development

Taught Theology   1990-1991         

Sep 1991Jun 2001


Archbishop Ryan High School

English Teacher - Grade 10

  • American and British Literature
  • Writing Skills
  • Assistant Swim Coach for Boys Swim Team.
  • Roster Office


  • Academic Affairs Office
Sep 1990Jun 1998


St. Bartholomew Elementary School

Grades 5-8

  • Science, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Theology


  • Science and Social Studies Coordinator.
  • Supervised Science Fair for grade 5-8.
  • Participated in Teacher Portfolio Evaluation



Holy Family University

Summa Cum Laude 

GPA 3.97


Creating on-line courses.

Professional Development


Principal K-12

PA Dept. of Education

English Secondary Ed 7-12 Level II

PA Dept. of Education