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Work experience

May 2009Sep 2009

Software Development Intern

Metavante Corporation(now FIS)

•Worked in the Cash Express team to develop and enhance features/functions and widgets in Cash Express, payment and ebanking solutions. Actively participated in the Proof of Concept discussions and development in object- oriented concepts using ASP.NET C#.

•Developed user/custom controls in C#.NET for Alert Systems functionality at the middleware.

•Designed and developed user/custom controls for the Online Help and Online User Guide functionality in C#.NET.

Used XML in designing the Help Pages and Glossary Notes. Performed unit testing for these two functionalities.

•Implemented Stored Procedures for Online User guides in Microsoft SQL.

Jun 2007Jul 2008

Project Inter

Krawler Networks

•Project: Web Based Collaborative Tools : A software for project and business management.C#, ASP.NET

•Used object-oriented concepts to design and implement widgets like online white boards, instant messaging and online portals in C# on the server side and Java Script on the client side with Microsoft SQL 2005 Express at the backend.

•Used Ajax for patches on white boards and instant messaging.


Aug 2008May 2010

Masters in Science

State University of New York at Binghamton


Algorithms, Web Data Management, Information Retireval, Design Patterns, System Programming, Operating Systems, Database Systems .


Acquainted with Agile Software development  :   ExP, TDD, FDD, SCRUM, Pair- Programming
Rational Rose 2007, Win runner 7.0, VS TFS, ANTS
Oracle 9i, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySql.
Windows, Linux 
C#, Java, SQ/PL-SQL, VB, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C, HTML, JavaScript, XML


Amy Mckinley

Michelle Tripp


With expertise in C# / JAVA application development and good knowledge in Programming Design Patterns, seeking  a position as Software Engineer / Application developer.

Projects in Java / C#

Boolean Retrieval System [Information Retrieval]             C#.NET

The goal of this project was to implement some of the functions of a Boolean system. The first part was to read a corpus of called and create a non positional index by filtering the noise and tags. The second program was to implement the retrieval system after reading a Boolean query and provide the output. Used the Visitor’s and the State Pattern for design implementation.

Lake Sunapee Collaborative Photosynth  C# .NET

Providing an interface and access to Microsoft photosynth for lake Sunapee. The interface helps upload the required images on the Microsoft photosynth. Also designed a validating client on the photosynth server which allows the administrator to accept only valid images

Doubt-Unit identification and Estimation in Web Data Analysis. [Information Retrieval]                     Java,J2SE

Developed a search-result based alternative answer generator. When given a statement with an uncertain part our problem revolves around finding all the possible answers to the doubt unit using various conditions and techniques. Used the Visitor’s and the Factory Pattern for design implementation.

Simulated a Linux File Explorer and its functionality   [Design Patterns]                                           Java, J2SE 

As a part of Design Patterns project, implemented the linux File explorer Factory and Observer Pattern.

Tools for Opening and Reading files of different file formats were created using the Factory Design Pattern. Find and 'Find and Replace' functionality were implemented using the Observer Pattern, whenever the methods were called, all the files registered within a particular File Explorer would be targeted.

Implemented an Automated Text Processor [Design Patterns]                                                                 Java, J2SE 

Automated Text Processor to check Grammatical Errors, Replacement of unnecessary capital letters and Special Symbols, implemented Spell-Check using Hash Maps. Designed and structured the system using Strategy Patten.