Work experience

Work experience

Senior Manager - Client Services

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA
Oct 2014 - Present

Transferred to the U.S. after only one year in Russia, I am now responsible for our client services group in the U.S. with more than 180 team members, more than 160 documented processes and 16 functional areas.

Managing Director

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Russia
Oct 2013 - Sep 2014

Transferred to Moscow, Russia as CEO of our automotive captive financing company. My assignment is to profitably grow our automotive financing and leasing contract volume in Russia by servicing our Mercedes-Benz passenger car, truck van and bus dealers and customers.

  • Grew new business by +23% by providing differentiated passenger car and commercial vehicle financial services to our dealers and customers in Russia.

  • Significantly decreased operating expense ratio by 15 basis points year-to-date, mainly due to higher automation and implementing a precautionary spending discipline within the company.

  • Grew our total contract volume by +13% to 674 million Euro in a very difficult economic and political environment.

  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Russia ranked #1 in dealer satisfaction among captive finance companies by maintaining offering premium wholesale services to our dealers, maintaining a high approval rate and increasing our turnaround time.

President and CEO - Mexico

Daimler Trucks North America
Nov 2009 - Sep 2013

Promoted to President and CEO of our Mexican operations on November 1, 2009. My current assignment is to profitably grow our truck operations in Mexico.

  • In 2013, the Mexican class 6-8 truck market fell by 1%. Freightliner increased its sales by 3% by focusing on premium fleet customers and acquiring new customers from the competition.
  • In 2012, Freightliner was again the brand with the highest market share growth in the class 6-8 segments (M.S. +1.1%). We grew our sales by 30% this year.
  • Achieved Ebit growth of 40% in 2011 by penetrating new customer segments and exercising strict operating expense controls.
  • Achieved division highest employee satisfaction result in 2011 and 2010 by launching and completing more than 20 individual initiatives designed to increase employee satisfaction. 
  • Exceeded our 2010 operating plan in terms of net revenue, contribution margin and EbIT (+43%, +72% and +180% respectively) by increasing our market share.

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mexico & Latin America

Daimler Trucks North America
Oct 2007 - Oct 2009

Promoted to Vice President Sales and Marketing at Daimler Trucks North America for Mexico and Latin America. My assignment was to significantly increase the sales and market share of the Freightliner brand in Mexico in all segments in which we compete. 

  • In 2008, Freightliner was the brand that registered the highest market share growth of all truck brands competing in Mexico (+3.4%). 
  • We beat our operating plan, our upward revised first and second expectations. 
  • In 2009 the Mexican truck market registered the second largest decrease in the world (-70%). Nevertheless, we managed to close the year with a positive EbIT. 

Managing Director - Spain

Daimler Financial Services
Aug 2004 - Sep 2007

After my successful second assignment in Mexico, I was hired by our European region to manage our financial services affiliate in Spain. My assignment was to increase our RoE by refocusing our sales activities, reducing operating expenses and increasing productivity. Spain had previously never achieved our corporate RoE hurdle rate.

  • Within 3 years we increased our RoE from 7% to 26%, the second highest country RoE in the European region, and significantly above our corporate hurdle rate.
  • We were also ranked first in Europe in terms of EbIT per employee, a major efficiency indicator.
  • We also took the lead in Europe in establishing a branch office of our German Mercedes-Benz Bank in Spain with the intention of leveraging the size, people and systems of the German Bank. This idea is now being successfully implemented in other European countries after Spain, starting with the UK.

Managing Director - Mexico

Daimler Financial Services
Jun 2002 - Jul 2004

I was sent for the second time to Mexico for a quick turnaround mission. The company had just incurred a net loss of roughly 120 million USD, truck financing delinquencies were increasing dramatically and the car take rate was unacceptably low.

  • Within 2 years we had turned an initial loss of 120 million into a profit of 140 million USD.
  • We increased the car take rate from 16% to 45%, the truck take rate to over 40% and the bus take rate to 60%. Company portfolio grew to 1.5 billion USD. Today, this company is still the largest commercial vehicle financing company in Mexico.
  • Also, the company was recognized in 2004 as having the second highest RoE of all Daimler finance companies in the world.

Managing Director - Caribbean

Daimler Financial Services
Sep 2000 - May 2002

This was my first assignment after the DaimlerChrysler merger. My mission was to integrate the former Chrysler Financial Puerto Rico with the former DaimlerBenz and to expand the business by providing financial services to all Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Mercedes-Benz dealers in the Caribbean.

  • Successfully implemented the merger integration of the former Chrysler Financial Puerto Rico team with DaimlerBenz.
  • Grew Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge financing business. Initiated new captive finance business relationship with Mitsubishi Motors in Puerto Rico.

Managing Director - Latin America

Daimler Financial Services
Jan 1998 - Aug 2000

I was transferred to our non-automotive financial services division in January 1998. My assignment was to establish a new office in Miami, Florida for the purpose of providing non-automotive financial services to U.S. and German manufacturers with a large presence in Latin America. 1998 was also the year we merged with Chrysler.

  • We established and staffed a small corporate office in Miami and small branch offices in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina in the first two years of our operation.
  • We negotiated and closed new vendor partnership agreements with two U.S. and one German equipment manufacturer in Latin America.
  • We terminated our activities in 2000, after the new DaimlerChrysler decided to divest from all non-automotive activities and focus solely on making the automotive divisions successful.

Managing Director - Mexico

Daimler Financial Services
Nov 1995 - Dec 1997

I was named Managing Director for the first time in the middle of the Mexican Tequila crisis. My assignment, simply put, was to survive the crisis by restructuring our customers, increasing our collections activities and selling our non-performing assets.

  • We restructured a 500 million USD portfolio long before the Mexican Banks initiated their first restructuring programs. By 1997, we had returned to profitability. We found that many of the customers that we had saved from liquidation, would in the future provide us with an opportunity for growth.
  • We took advantage of the subsequent growth of the Mexican export industry and helped our loyal truck customers to grow by providing them with tailor-made loans and leases.
  • We were recognized by the Mercedes-Benz bus division as the principal contributor to achieving a 60%+ market share in Mexico, with over 5.000 buses financed in the States of Mexico and Jalisco alone.

Financial & Strategic Planner

Mar 1989 - Jun 1990




Hargrave Military Academy
Aug 1979 - Jun 1980



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