James Jarvis

James Jarvis

Work experience

Work experience

Groendyk Construction Ltd., Sarnia, ON                                                           05/04 – 12/11


  • General carpentry
  • Capable of performing every framing task from strapping the basement to framing in the roof
  • Proficient with blueprint reading and lay-out
  • Acquired excellent understanding of construction on a whole
  • Obtained knowledge of other trades such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical

Jayworks Enterprises, Mooretown, ON                                                               11/03 - 03/05

Part-owner, Operator

  • Home renovation/restoration business
  • Houses completely stripped and re-done, work done to both exteriors and interiors
  • Helped with extensive work done to the plumbing, heating, insulation, and electrical systems
  • Gained experience with demolition, painting, dry-walling, flooring, and ceilings

Markson Construction, Corunna, ON                                                                   05/02 - 09/04

General Labourer

  • Summer job, 4 months a year
  • Worked on a number of construction projects, including the construction of the Senior Citizens home in Petrolia and a storage vessel re-commissioned in Courtright
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance of equipment such as generators and compressors
  • Painting at Markson shop, Enbridge, and British Petroleum
  • Organized the Markson shop
Scaffolding on numerous occasions


        Gain employment which allows me to utilize my passion for efficient building performance, green energy, and sustainable design in combination with my work experience and education


John Groendyk, Owner/Operator of Groendyk Construction 519-542-1030 5681 Telfer Rd Sarnia, ON N7T 7H2 Phil Kember, Crew Leader, Groendyk Construction 519-339-6625 142 Gordon St Sarnia, ON N7T 6N8

Greg Zantingh, Owner/Operator of Zantingh Construction


599 Albert St

Strathroy, ON

N7G 1X1


  • Anything to do with alternative energy in general, with a specific interest in energy efficient building systems, solar thermal, and sustainability
  • Designing and building
  • International experience and cross-cultural exchange
  • Sports: Played organized football, rugby, and soccer. Currently play volleyball and organized hockey
  • The outdoors (canoeing, kayaking, sailing, camping, fishing, etc)
  • Music


  • Over 5 years of construction experience in the residential and commercial sectors: excellent understanding of buildings as integrated systems.  Familiar with sections 9 through 12 of the Ontario Building Code
  • Comprehension of and experience with LEED Certification and requirements
  • Completed the following courses (among others) during my Engineering Technologist program:  Building Energy Efficiency, Systems Design and Analysis, Energy Production and the Environment, Sustainable Development, Thermodynamics and Power Cycles, and Electrical Systems and Control
  • Inventive/Innovative/Creative: won the college class vertical-axis wind turbine design/build challenge in 2007, tied for first in the solar thermal project the following year, and placed first in the Stirling Engine design/build challenge in 2009.  My solar race car design project (college, final year) was among two selected for entrance into the following years build phase
  • Proficient with computers: RETScreen, eQUEST, AutoCAD, EnergyPlus, Solidworks, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Graphmatica
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest green energy technologies
  • Good communication skills: able to write and express ideas and concepts clearly
  • Comprehension of HVAC systems and ASHRAE standards: hands-on experience at school, home, and work
  • Completed Ontario Building Code Training course Part 9 – The House – Building Envelope
  • Possess mechanical aptitude: experience with many types of construction tools and machinery
  • Ability to closely follow direction (careful, active listener), and to self-direct. Helped manage own renovation company, Jayworks Enterprises
  • Adept with the use of various electronic measuring/monitoring devices
  • Limited ability to speak French language: acquired Extended French Studies Certificate
  • Excellent problem solving capability: critical thinker, analytical talents
  • Good time management skills: ability to plan, prioritize, and manage difficult projects under strict timelines
  • Disciplined, energetic, and a willingness to learn
  • Good team coordination and organization skills, team player attitude and spirit


I would like to express my interest in the Building Energy Modeling Professional position listed on Workopolis, and have attached my resumé for your consideration. 

As a graduate of the three-year Alternative Energy Engineering Technology program at Lambton College, I have studied the subject of building performance extensively.  I have over five years of hands-on experience in the residential and commercial construction industries, and was also part-owner of Jayworks Enterprises, a home renovation company.  Over the years, I have developed a strong interest in system performance and integration with respect to buildings and their components, and so consider myself very fortunate to have found an opportunity to apply for this position with Fluent Group. 

            As a hard working, driven, and dedicated individual, I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to your company.  I enjoy a challenging work environment, and am inclined to dealing with energy efficiency, cost-effective solutions, and sustainability.  I have extensive experience in data collection, synthesis, and documentation, and good instincts to quickly effect change and improvement.  Although I can self-direct and work independently, I excel in close-knit team oriented work environments, and have a natural ability to establish consensus between team members. 

            I would like to request an interview to further discuss my qualifications and suitability, and would appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions you might have in advance.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 


  James Jarvis