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Writing, drawing, studying, typing, baby-sitting, designing, scrapbooking, water skiing, vacationing & the ocean, volunteering at animal shelters, Zumba dance class.


To secure an entry level position in advertising or public relations.


      Hi, my name is Stephanie Feirn.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Rock County in May 2009 where I received my Associate Degree in arts and science.

    I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where I am pursing my Bachelor's Degree in Communication.  Advertising is my major, and public relations is my minor.

    I will graduate in December 2011.  I can't wait to puruse my dream job in an advertising company/agency upon graduation.  My goal is to design ads for magazines and billboards.

    I am an active member of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).  I have helped with event planning, for such events such as, PRSSA Regionals which were held at UW-W.  I have helped plan homecoming week, banquets and the Polar Plunge.  I was on the lodging committee for PRSSA regionals.  My job was to call about 5 hotels close to UW-W and get prices and info about the hotels.  Then we compared which were the better deals, and booked the rooms for our guest speakers.  I also write for the PR Insight. 

    I work part-time at two restaurants and currently was chosen for a part-time summer job in the iCIT Department (Technology Department) at UW-W.  I will be a PR assistant.  My job will consist of website designs, blogging, designing brochures, creating powerpoints and helping with the ten Plan-It-Purple orientations for freshman.

TV Ads and News Releases

Powerpoints, papers and such

Work experience


Cracker Barrel

My duties consist of: serving guests, taking the guests order, correctly typing in the order into the computer, time management, displaying a happy and positive attitude, carrying trays, delivering food promptly and accurately, delivering the check, taking to go orders, helping other servers, food runner, closing side work, other server duties, etc.

Public Relations Assistant

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Sales Associate


My duties consist of: making sure cash drawer is at $200 beginning of shift, balancing cash drawer at end of shift, taking and repeating orders, guest eye contact, friendly personality, inventory count; correctly discounting coupons/promos; training cashiers. 




University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Associate Degree

University of Wisconsin Rock County


Microsoft Platforms
Ability to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft One Word.
I have had experiencing with being a server at two restaurants.  Serving requires confidence and being comfortable with people/the public.  You also must treat everybody with respect, smile and have patience.  As a server, you also have to learn to multi task and carry trays above your head and on your shoulder.  Balancing is another skill; you must be able to balance drinks on a round tray while serving the other drinks off of it.  You also need to learn to handle any problems in a professional manner before they reach management level.