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Videography - An interest of mine that provides a wonderful challenge that keeps me in tune with today's ultra fast changing technological advancement.Specifically, the creation of special effects videos using Adobe After Effects, and Adobe's supporting software suite.

Skiing – Ahh! The heavenly view from the mountain top!The intoxicating fresh air.The exhilarating conversations with people from all over the world.The wife's expression when I propose a vacation on a mountain with sub-zero temperatures, instead of going to the Caribbean. Priceless!


To teach, you must learn.  I am always excited about learning something new.  This is, I believe, why I love to teach.
I love to write.  To date I have written several Learning manuals, and I am writing a biography.   In public school I was very shy, yet in college I became quite an orator.  I gave several presentations during my college years and totally unexpected, I received standing ovations, and enthusiastic applause after each one!

Work experience

May 2009Present

Adjunct - Computer Science

Atlantic Cape Community College

Presently, I am teaching Intro to Engineering.  I also teach Mathematics and Computer Science.

Key Achievements:  During the summer of 2009 I joined a team that organized a conference designed to give over 600 students, ages 16 - 24, the skills and guidance  to map their educational future.  I recruited Motivational Speakers, Career Workshops with Educators and Industry Representatives.

Sep 2002May 2009

Casino Gaming Instructor

Casino Gaming Institue

Key Achievements:  I designed and taught a program to produce exceptional Poker Dealers.  I produced an Instructional DVD to supplement learning and promote self motivation.  I also wrote a complete Poker Dealers Manual .

Jan 1996Jun 2000

Computer Science Instructor

Computer and Business School

Key Achievements:  I developed and taught a 6 month program that prepared students for positions in Office Technology.  I taught MS Office, Internet basics,  I also taught Business Math and Communications, both written and oral.


Michael Olan

Amy Shelton

Otto Hernandez

Ace Troublefield

Thomas Gitto


Sep 2003May 2005

Bachelor of Science

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey