Howard Smith

Howard Smith


Videography - An interest of mine that provides a wonderful challenge that keeps me in tune with today's ultra fast changing technological advancement.Specifically, the creation of special effects videos using Adobe After Effects, and Adobe's supporting software suite.

Skiing – Ahh! The heavenly view from the mountain top!The intoxicating fresh air.The exhilarating conversations with people from all over the world.The wife's expression when I propose a vacation on a mountain with sub-zero temperatures, instead of going to the Caribbean. Priceless!




To teach, you must learn.  I am always excited about learning something new.  This is, I believe, why I love to teach.


I love to write.  To date I have written several Learning manuals, and I am writing a biography.   In public school I was very shy, yet in college I became quite an orator.  I gave several presentations during my college years and totally unexpected, I received standing ovations, and enthusiastic applause after each one!

Work experience

Work experience

May 2009 - Present

Adjunct - Computer Science

Atlantic Cape Community College

Presently, I am teaching Intro to Engineering.  I also teach Mathematics and Computer Science.

Key Achievements:  During the summer of 2009 I joined a team that organized a conference designed to give over 600 students, ages 16 - 24, the skills and guidance  to map their educational future.  I recruited Motivational Speakers, Career Workshops with Educators and Industry Representatives.

Sep 2002 - May 2009

Casino Gaming Instructor

Casino Gaming Institue

Key Achievements:  I designed and taught a program to produce exceptional Poker Dealers.  I produced an Instructional DVD to supplement learning and promote self motivation.  I also wrote a complete Poker Dealers Manual .

Jan 1996 - Jun 2000

Computer Science Instructor

Computer and Business School

Key Achievements:  I developed and taught a 6 month program that prepared students for positions in Office Technology.  I taught MS Office, Internet basics,  I also taught Business Math and Communications, both written and oral.


Sep 2003 - May 2005

Bachelor of Science

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey