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Joshua Gourneau

Software Engineer at Synthego Corporation

Work experience

Nov 2010Apr 2014

Staff Software Engineer

Ion Torrent Systems
• Built out an open source web application to manage and process experimental data from the Personal Genome Machine. Built with Python, Django, jQuery, and Twisted • Trained new hires, recruited other developers • Built a RESTful API built with TastyPie. Also contributed to open source project • Used the RESTful API to intergrate the ion sequencing machines with their parent servers • Built mobile version of Torrent Suite using jQuery mobile • Created an SDK to allow other developers to create a plugins for the Torrent Suite. • Gave lectures and tutorials about our SDK. • Used 0install to create a ‘app store’ for the plugin SDK • Used aptitude to build distributable software
Mar 2009Nov 2010

Software Engineer

• Prototyped RFID inventory management system for the International Space Station using Python, Django, YUI, jQuery, and BioNet. The prototype was so successful it was later implemented on the ISS • Created Windows CE application in C# for mobile RFID readers to interface with inventory management system • Real Time web based data visualization. Built using jQuery an Twisted Websocket server to send out serialized Python objects as JSON • Compiled and configured large C projects from source in Linux using Make, used SWIG Python wrappers • Wrote C and Python code to interface various hardware devices • Wrote Python wrappers for C code using ctypes • Comet with ActiveMQ, STOMP, Orbited, Twisted, and Dojo • H.264 video streaming • Video edting with VirtualDub and AviSynth • Used Python, and an iPod touch to remotely control a MobileRobots Pioneer 3 robot • Gave demo presentation of my project to highest levels of management, also to over 1000 members of the public • Self directed and functioned as my own project manager, deployed JIRA for my personal use • Mobile Application development with Java and Python for Android OS • C profiling with Valgrind, Python profiling with cProfile • Administered testing network on Linux machines, managed TCP/IP network and automated tasks with Fabric • Created TCP socket servers and clients with Twisted and Python • Wrote multithreaded Python program to gather data from Dust/WirelessHART wireless sensor network and visualize network topology using Graphviz and wxPython
Jun 2008Jan 2009

Lead Web Developer

Davis Newman Payne
*Lead Web Developer creating custom Django CMS for a large corporation, using jQuery, XHTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, RHEL, Apache, mod_python. As well as maintained PHP (Joomla,Wordpress), and ASP sites. *Worked very closely with designer. Converted Photoshop images into XHTML/CSS, complex Flash integration. *Managed over 100 domains *Migrated company of 25 people and 100s of gigs of email to Google Apps, for email, chat, and office suite. The devices migrated were Windows machines, Mac machines, and mobile devices.



University of Tennessee-Knoxville