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I'm able to installe, manage the MacOS operating system
I keep my self updated with CSS3 and HTML5 following some online courses and books
JavaScript and jQuery
Actually I'm studying javascript and jquery to move forward on my proficiency 
PC assembly and repair
I'm able to build, repair and prepare PC for my customers. I'm doing as system administrator for my customers
Bash scripting
I'm using it for the daily use of linux
Java and C language
I learn Java at the university and I used it for that period
Joomla CMS
I developed several website on joomla, I have a good experience on manage it.
Wordpress CMS
I founded my blog (www.karimblog) in the 2003 on Wordpress. The blog now count about 700 articles. Actually I'm planning to move on django
Linux Operating System
I used on the last years: Slackware, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu and now I'm using Archlinux

Spoken Languages


Native or bilingual proficiency. (C2)


Full professional proficiency. (B2)


Limited working proficiency. (A2)


I am studying it.


I am a really a passionate in the IT field. I am a python developer and informatics consultant.

I am able to assemble a computer from scratch, to develop a website on python/django, to set up a server on linux; moreover, I also got familiar in web marketing throughout my experience with my blog (

Working as a consultant, I am facing and managing the issues in the informatics field for small business companies.

I keep my self updated with new technologies by books and the courses online.

I love python programming language and I am an active user on the italian mailing list.

I am the founder of and

My future prospectives are working on python/django development and improving continuosly on it.


I love sport: gym, football and martial arts. I like reading books: spiritual books, novels, scifi and fantasy.

I love movies and american tv serials. I watch them almost only in original language.

I would like to be 100% vegetarian, but I love cooking and Italian food, expecially pizza!

I love playing LEGO with my kids.

Work experience



Gorjux IT Consultant and Web Services

Informatic Consultant and system administrator for small companies in the Cuneo's Area. Web development on Python/Django.



Gorjux IT Web Services (Freelancer)

 Informatic consultant in Lithuania for italian customers. Mainly, my tasks were to develop websites using Wordpress and Joomla, and to offer my customers web marketing services.



Naxia s.r.l

Reselling and assistance on PowerOffice: SME management software build on FileMaker by QuickClik ( Development of websites using wordpress and joomla. Informatics consultant.

Jun 2003Sep 2005

Customers receptionist

Camping Demonte

Customers management in a turistic village on Northern Italy mountains. (Seasonal work during accademic studies in Turin)

Jun 2001Jul 2002

Gym Trainer

Body Club

During the summer while I was studing at the University of Turin I work in a little gym as a trainer in Cuneo. I help the customers to do the correct exercises and training.

Aug 2000Sep 2001

Computer Technical, Visual Basic developer

GieMme Informatica

Assigned to hardware orders from the suppliers and server set up and assembling. During the last year 2001 developer on Visual Basic/Access.

Jun 1996Aug 1996


GEM Internet Service Provider

 Stage on the first Cuneo's ISP (Italy). Seminary about handling server for a tipical 56k

internet provider and web hosting on a Windows NT Server