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A Doctor of Philosophy candidate at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Gordon James Klingenschmitt leads a national political organization that delivers petitions to Congress for religious liberty. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., Klingenschmitt spent 16 years in the United States military. Klingenschmitt started as an Air Force officer and later volunteered for a demotion to become a Chaplain in the United States Navy. As a Chaplain, Klingenschmitt took a stand for the right to pray "in Jesus name" by challenging a Navy policy that enforced "non-sectarian" prayer content. In 2006, he insisted on his own court-martial and was charged with the misdemeanor crime of disobeying "lawful" orders because he said a prayer in uniform outside of Sunday chapel. The Navy Judge ruled that "public worship" was only safe inside chapel, but "worshiping in public" could be punished as unlawful behavior. By drawing attention to the restrictive policy and daring to sacrifice his 16-year career and pension, Klingenschmitt successfully petitioned Congress to order the Navy to revise its policies and restore religious freedom. For more information on Klingenschmitt and his availability for speaking engagements, visit Completing his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Klingenschmitt also earned two Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Divinity from Regent University.