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Aug 2007May 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

East Carolina University


  • Final Cut Pro X
  •  Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Writing for mass media
  • Writing for Public Relations
  • Video journalism and reporting
  • Public Relations research and strategies
  • Editing and design for print, video recording and editing for advertisement


I prefer country music. It is what I was brought up listening to. Finally in the past five years it has become mainstream. I have remixed it. I mix country with today's electronic beats. My sound is what a DJ would call a mash-up. One mash-up I am known for is Sexy and I know it by LMFAO and She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy by Kenny Chesney. I sneak in my roots with the music that fires up the dance floor and get a really incredible response. It is almost like sneaking broccoli into spaghetti. I give people what they think they want, but I blend in what they forgot they loved, and is good for their heart!

On the east coast, anyone age 21 and older absolutely flips over my sets. It is different and incredibly energetic! I am from the country and I do, I like it that way.

Please contact me if you are interested in hiring a DJ for a social event, outdoor event, hosted event, to open for a performer, etc. Past events I have taken over are listed below.

-DJ Goodies ;)

DJ Weekly Show





















Special Occasion logo



Laser Show


Brooks Paul in Concert

Business Card for Tattoo Artist



Sound Bites Logo

Test Drive Logo

Charlie Daniels Pitch


  • Wednesday night with DJ Goodies at The Other Place Nightclub   -   Aug. 2010 to present
  • Club Mxb3 special events - Oct. 2011 to present
  • Open for band Parmalee   -   Aug. 2011 to present
  • Drag Race at Fayetteville Motor Sports   -   Nov. 2011
  • Freak Show car show   -   Oct. 2011
  • Summerfest   -   July 2011


Graphics and video examples can be viewed on the left side of this page in the form of a vertical portfolio. Please take a look.

Each example of work is in the format of a thumbnail. If you are interested in the detail of the JPG files or the shots in any of the video footage, please email me and I will send you the MOV file or a link where the videos are privately stored on Youtube. This is a simple process and I would be happy to share.

Thank you


Darryl "Disco" Leathers


[email protected]

Christopher "DJ KidScene" Aman 


[email protected]

Charlie "DJ Charlie Mac" McNeil


[email protected] [email protected]

Because my resume is public, I would like to ask that you contact me about your interest in my information before I share any further personal information or contact information of my references. Thank you!


Matt Blackman         


Company:The Other Place Nightclub


[email protected]

Name: Denise Walsh 

Position/Title: Executive Director

Company: Uptown Greenville


[email protected]

Name:Charlie Mcneil         

Position/Title: CFO

Company: MC Entertainment


[email protected]

Name: David W. Combs

Position: Mayor (Term 2007-2011)

Company: Rocky Mount CIty Council 

Phone: 252-937-2121

Name: Dr. Todd Fraley

Position/Title: Internship Coordinator 

Company: East Carolina University


[email protected] 

Because my resume is public, I would like to ask that you contact me about your interest in my information before I share any further personal information or contact information of my references. Thank you!


My name is Kristin and I am a public relations practitioner and a DJ: DJ Goodies Graphics.

Services I offer:

-Developing and managing media sites

-Designing web pages and producing multimedia for artists, businesses and products

-Designing logos, images for advertising, and business cards

-Recording videos for promotions and optimizing fan growth and views

-Providing the newest and best music in every existing genre!

I specialize in brand imaging. I will take great products, services, and talent and get the buzz going! I have been working independently for the past 2-3 years getting involved with businesses that need promotional work done and also working to introduce brand new names to markets that will embellish them. I would love to help you generate a massive fan base!

I design graphics for print, have experience in web design and am trained to use Final Cut Pro X for video editing. I have a great eye, creative ideas and several tricks up my sleeve from years of experience managing media sites.

Please contact me if you are starting a business, or would like to increase business, currently. I will help you develop an image, re-construct a failing one, or just put some fire up under your target market!

My DJ information is located towards the bottom of the page. Be sure to LIKE my Facebook:, thank you!


 I will be graduating in July 2012 with a B.A. in Communications Public Relations . In December 2010 I completed a semester-long internship for college credit working with a promotions organization. I have since been working in every field of Public Relations. 

A more detailed version of my bio is best put into sequence under the section titled Work History.

My skills include: writing (formal or informal style) to engage and/or inform and persuade, event planning and managing, and explosive ad creativity and multimedia development and production. 

 I would be of great benefit to a business that appreciates original ideas. What makes me a great worker is that I understand the importance of team work and the character and diversity that only comes from collaboration. In addition, it is also my nature to find out what needs to be done and just do it which makes me entirely qualified to complete complicated tasks on my own.

 Challenges only drive me to improve. I realize that success is based on initiative and reliability and I bring it. I am driven and motivated by continuously learning and I learn very quickly. 

I have a positive attitude, personable characteristics, and powerful initiative. I can work, I can listen, I can multi-task and I can deliver organization under great amounts of pressure. I work quickly and passionately because I love what I do.

Please review my resumé and portfolio. 

Thank you

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Public Relations Manager

MC Entertainment

This has been my first independent PR job which I took immediately following my internship with Uptown Greenville. The internship instilled a passion in me, for giving the community fun things to do. Greenville is a predominately college-run town. There are more than 28,000 students enrolled at East Carolina University and nearly 8 ,000 at the community college. Nightclubs are the focal point as far as entertainment for young people in this area.

In 2010 several criminal events occurred in the downtown area that attracted major concern by the city and law enforcement and threatened business for the clubs and business in that district. One of these crimes took place in front of a local nightclub, The Other Place, run by the owners of MC Entertainment. This particular incident resulted in the death of a innocent stand by and close friend of mine. The owners got in touch with me through word of mouth to ask if I'd like to take on the job of turning the image around and getting business back in the door. I got business back in the door and evolved a nightclub into a fun, safe haven.

With fun and safety in mind, it was a major challenge to try to promote a safer idea of the club and get the word out that the intentions of the place were to give kids a place to go, not a place to misbehave. 

The strategies started with lowering the age limit and hiring entertainment that would only attract a college crowd. I changed the style of the music that was played in the club and started giving academic clubs on campus free opportunities to use the club as a venue for celebrations and fundraisers.

Now called "The OP," this club now enables customers to play the games like Guitar Hero or Rockband, and the projector screen now views popular shows and college football games. The club also opens early for special occasions and serves free pizza before during and after football games.

The OP has a very large, very regular crowd that visits the club 7 days a week. Also I started promotions to invite local bands to play live. This became a weekly (Tuesday night) event.

This new feel has currently, however, lowered liquor sales. The latest changes have been in the drink menus. They now have cocktails, wine, champagne, and martinis. I have hosted game nights and given out gift bags advertising other enjoyable events going on at other local business in town. The OP is a friend of the community and has a market from 18 years old to 45 years old. Sorority's and business use the club for private parties and nightly enjoyment.

I did all of the graphic designs, video production and for web advertising for my PR plan, and ran the Facebook and Twitter during this time. I was also responsible for the recent publishing of a website I designed just for The OPs new menu and specials as well as special events and convenience for party booking.

I am responsible also for The OPs affiliation with a very successful show called Dirty Mega that comes to The OP monthly. Dirty Mega has become one of the exciting events in town that The OP is known for. The DJs and founders of the Dirty Mega experience support Drug Free Youth. The show is based within the hyper vibe of loud electronic music, live talent, local guest performances, and a hypnotic light show. The experience includes a local photographer's photo booth inside the event, and glow-in-the-dark face painting by an East Carolina Academic group P.R.S.S.A; Public Relations Student Society of America.

We donate 1000 dollars to PRSSA at each event.  I am very proud of the many ways Dirty Mega has allowed me to benefit my college community.

Jan 2011Jan 2012


Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation is an entertainment brand with its own t-shirt line. Permanent Vacation is a brand that was started by a performing artist by the name of Stranger Day and a group of talented DJs known for their touring show called Dirty Mega. This brand now supports another clothing line called Mob Mentality and a Media Company called Malice Media. There is a large group of young men with individual talents and values all linked together that support each other and continue to bring growth to this brand.

Dirty Mega is a music performance act that is a very popular monthly show in WIlmington North Carolina. Stranger Day does surprise appearances at this show. The fan base is fantastic. 

I stumbled upon this group of artists and brought them to Greenville, NC (one of 4 cities they have expanded their demographic into.) I do their PR and promotions for this area and manage the social media for the Greenville/East Carolina University online following.

I am incredibly proud of the public relations efforts to introduce this show to the Greenville area. The strategy I used to introduce this show, the artists and the drive they represent connected to several fans very quickly and on a personal level. I am extremely excited about the success it has brought this group of talented young men. 

The first Dirty Mega show I was responsible for hit a capacity of 345 within the first 30 minutes of the venue doors opening. Three month later, pre-sale tickets proved to be the fastest, easiest way to get fans what they wanted. A year later fans are posting online pictures of their tickets and competing to see who has the most. 

Dirty Mega was a major part of my first Public Relations job and technically my first client. I have exercised public relations skills, event planning and hosting skills, and social media management skills at a very high and fast-paced degree with a show that performs every 30 days. I learned a lot from this! 

Aug 2010May 2011

Member of Student Organization

Public Relations Student Society of America

PRSSA is a student run organization made up of 5 executives and 70 members. Executives organize opportunities for students to get involved and manage different events and projects within the community. Each chapter of PRSSA is responsible for raising funds and administrating a PR convention each semester.

These conventions enable PR students to attend additional PR classes taught by professionals within the field and interact and exercise skills with students in other cities and regions. The year I was a member, our chapter set a goal to raise 24,000 dollars to hold the first ever PRSSA regional event at East Carolina University. 

Completely student run, this organizations taught me a lot about team work. I also learned several tricks about fundraising and building nothing into something beneficial for the masses. I exercised these skills by trading promotional chores and buzz (since we did have 75 college students) for things like ad space in magazines or windows of business. We would all donate small amounts to the group like noodles and sauce, do the cooking ourselves and sell the food for profit. We promoted events like this example by offering small donations of the profit to people who would advertise for our event. It was all business and all fun!

Also while in PRSSA I Individually I raised $1500 to put toward the regional event by hosting the first ever PRSSA social. I traded and bargained and linked up with other jobs I have initiated and hired entertainment, rented a venue and invited the entire college to spend their money to enjoy themselves and support the ECU PR student society.

This same party has become so famous for its entertainment that is occurs now every month. Each month that the PRSSA members promote this party, they make a flat rate $1000 in ticket sales and additional income in whatever other tricks they come up with.

Also in PRSSA I raised $800 for Relay for Life. I entered the race then wrote features and releases to ignite donations to promote PRSSA’s fundraising efforts to sponsor my involvement.

Jun 2010Dec 2010

Intern, Social Media Management, Event Planning and Organizing, Marketing, and Entertainment Managment

Uptown Greenville

Uptown Greenville is an organization that plans and implements actions necessary to ensure continued growth to the Uptown Business District of Greenville, North Carolina. While at Uptown I optimized networking with interested businesses by updating our website, and Facebook. I physically set up and hosted outdoor markets to allow entrepreneurs from other areas to test their product sales in our area. I also hired entertainment and budgeted events in our area to support the community, give our local businesses the opportunity to shine and bring everyone together. 

This internship gave me a lot of freedom and individual responsibility to plan and manage city-wide events. Uptown was a great experience. This organization is greatly responsible for the success, diversity and continuous growth of the businesses in Greenville.