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Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Press & Media Secretary

Esperanza Education Fund
  • Manage the Media relationships for the organization.
  • Writer and editor of press & media releases, articles, announcements and speeches
  • Member of the development committee
Jul 2005Present

Director / Owner

Lagarra, C.A.
  • Led the creation and conceptualization of the first Information and Entertainment Audiovisual System for private Universities in the country, covering the three major cities of Venezuela: Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia. The network has today over a 100,000 users in four universities
  • Creator, Writer & producer of events, specially designed for the network and clients
  • Led creative team to produce branding, marketing and sales strategies and campaigns to position UNIESPACIO® in targeted audiences
  • Creator & Writer of entertainment shows and general content specially designed for UNIESPACIO®, sales and communications materials for both internal and external audiences.
  • Led the entire process of creation, planning, design, programming and published of the Web site Creative consultant, Creator & Writer of advertising campaigns specially designed for major commercial brands in UNIESPACIO®
Nov 2003Present

International Press Staff Journalist

  • Author of daily press releases for foreign Media Networks and Newspapers
  • Planning the Media and Press strategy for the organization
  • Member of the Media analysis staff
Mar 2004Jun 2005

Marketing & communications Director

GESAT Telecomunicaciones, C.A.
  • Conceptualization, planned, budgeting and production of the brand kick off media and marketing effort
  • Led the development of the retail chain for products and services, including the development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Creation, conceptualization and development of corporate image, sales, marketing and internal communications materials
  • Led the entire process of creation, planning, design, programming and published of the Web site for
May 2003Jan 2004

Independent Producer

Top Productions
  • Creator and writer of the original script and structure, branding and sales strategies both On-Air and other media
  • Creation & development of TV shows for Venevision, National network
  • Over 100 hours produced and broadcasted
Jan 1999May 2003

Air Promotions and Image Creative Coordinator & Chief of Production. Executive producer

Corporación Televen, National TV Network
  • Creator and writer of On-Air campaigns for Televen's prime entertainment shows, sports events, drama and action series and soaps
  • Supervisor and designer of the branding strategies for alternative media, including printed media and Internet
  • Creator of permanent branding unit analysis inside the Image & On-Air Promotion Department
  • Producer in charge of development and production of prime time shows, including variety, game shows and musicals
  • Responsible for team of professionals that increased original production content from 3 hours a day to 13 hours a day in six month period.
  • Writer of adaptations for international TV formats
  • Prominent role in logistics, planning and recruitment of specialized human resource, data base structure, operative formats design and new shows development. In charge of new projects and formats analysis, presented by external suppliers
Mar 1996Jul 1998

Creative Manager, On Air Promotions Executive Producer

  • Led several Image campaigns and supervised production of on-air promotional pieces
  • Prominent role in the production and postproduction processes of many original production shows for the network
  • Implemented new processes for Creative & Postproduction areas of the Image & On Air Promotion Department
  • Prominent role in production in house image campaign, during brand change from Radio Caracas Television to RCTV



Latin Music Pop Soul Rock Jazz
Professional Writer and Orator in Spanish Fluency in English 


I´m part of the media business since 1989. I´ve been creative manager, producer and independet producer for every major TV stations in Venezuela. As a TV & Media professional I´ve created and produced programs and contents for a wide kind of audience. I´ve also been an independent marketing and sales consultant for many medium and little companies, an orphan segment of the consultancy business. As a leader of projects I´ve proved capacity to manage human resources, creative teams and celebrities and in budgeting planning, structure and managing.


  • Media trends and developments
  • Concept development
  • Technological trends
  • World news and history
  • Music
  • Creative writting