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I'm a 20 years old Computer Engineering student. I started programming at 15 and since then, I have taken over so many personal projects. I consider myself as a highly creative person with strong programming skills. I love working with passionate people on innovative tech projects. I particularly like algorithmic and data structures.



Computer Engineering

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona

Bachelor's degree

Padre Damián SSCC

Projects & others


Translated Talk

Translated Talk is an Android app that sets up a phone call between two people. An user selects a person to talk to from their contacts list or dials a number of their choosing. The application then detects their preferred language and all communication that they hear is in their preferred language. The application utilizes speech-to-text, text-to-speech and a translation API. I can have a full conversation with someone without knowing a single word of their language. Project presented in PennApps, a hackathon in Philadelphia.



DesktopVR is a Google Cardboard app to control a computer in a virtual reality environment. It is a remote desktop app that presents all the opened windows of your computer around you. You can interact with the windows by moving your hands. It has a Leap Motion connected to the headset that tracks your hands and gestures. It is an experiment to try to control technology in an innovative way, using VR and following the movie Minority Report's style. A personal project for the summer.


Jarvis Assistant

Personal project to learn some Arduino and hardware stuff. It's a personal voice-controlled assistant, like Siri, for my room. It can turn on the ceiling fan, play music, ask me about my day, tell me the room temperature, wake me up, turn on the lights, etc. It has lots of sensors like movement, light, humidity, IR...



iTrash is the most intelligent trash bin in the world! It's a modified trash bin with some cool hardware features and Internet connection. It has a barcode scanner so it scans the packages of the products that you throw away, and it adds them to your shopping list automatically to buy them latter. With iTrash you won't forget again to replace a product. It also opens its cover when you aproach to it, it notify you when it's full, and more. 

It was a winner project of a hackathon called Food-Hacks in Berlin



HanDrone is a small quadcopter (drone) controlled with the movement of your hand. It was a project for CopenHacks, a hackathon in the Microsoft headquarters in Copenhague. It won the hardware project prize. With HanDrone, you can controll your drone by moving your hand. If you raise your hand, the drone goes up. If you move your hand to the right, the drone moves to the right, and so on.



Android app that eases the learning of a foreign language, It does so by gamificating the learning process creating a karaoke-like experience. It won the second prize in KairosHacks, a hackathon in Barcelona.



ExtremEye is an application that let you extract the frames you want from a video without losing quality. You can surf between the frames of the videos and choose the instants that you most enjoy. Then, you can extract and save them as image files.


Finalist in an algorithm competition at my university

A competition between two faculties at my university (Computer engineering vs. Maths). It consists of programming a simple artificial intelligence of a player in a game.

Leadership activities


HackUPC 2016 winter


Member of the organization staff of HackUPC. A hackathon of over 400 computer science students, 25k € budget.


HackUPC 2016 fall


Organizer of the second edition of HackUPC. A hackathon of 500 hackers, 55k € budget.


UPC StartUp Fair + VR event


The first career fair for startups held at UPC. Connecting tech startups with computer science passionate students. 300 attendees, 12 startups, 2k € budget.