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Computer Science student looking for a Software Engineering internship opportunity at a major tech company between my bachelor's and master's degrees. I consider myself a creative person with strong programming skills. I love working with passionate people on innovative tech projects. I particularly like algorithms, abstraction and data structures. Very passionate with what I study. Hackathon lover.



Computer Science

UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Computer Science

ETH Zurich

Exchange program ending my degree in Computer Science

Working experience


Software Engineer intern

KDPOF - Microcontrollers, Assembler, C, Internet protocols, Optical fiber, IC testing

Porting a simple posix OS (Contiki) with TCP-IP stack into a small microprocessor (z80).
Developing an internal tool for integrated circuit test generation from STIL


Software Engineer intern

DroneThunder - Java, MySQL

Responsible of building an API Rest for drone and database interaction.

Projects & others



C++, Java, LibrePilot, Drone, Microcontroller

Helix is a hardware-abstract programming language for drones. You can write code for drones to be executed independently of their hardware if there's an implementation for them.



Android, Java, VR, Cardboard, C++, LeapMotion

VR app to control a computer in a virtual reality environment. It is a remote desktop app that presents all the opened windows of your computer around you. You can interact with the windows by moving your hands.


Translated Talk

Android, Java, Firebase, MySQL

Android app that sets up a phone call between two people who don't speak the same language. Each one speaks and listens to the other in their own language using a translation in the middle of the communication.


Jarvis Assistant

Arduino, C++

Personal project to learn some Arduino and hardware stuff. It's a personal voice-controlled assistant for my room. It can turn on the ceiling fan, play music, wake me up, turn on the lights... It has lots of sensors and Internet connection.



C++, Java, Arduino, Android, MySQL

iTrash is an intelligent/modified trash bin with some cool hardware features and Internet connection. It has a barcode scanner so it scans the packages of the products that you throw away, and it adds them to your shopping list automatically to buy them latter.



Android, Java

Android app that eases the learning of a foreign language, It does so by gamificating the learning process creating a karaoke-like experience.


Finalist in an algorithm competition


A competition between two faculties at my university (Computer engineering vs. Maths). It consists of programming a simple artificial intelligence of a player in a game.

Leadership activities


HackUPC 2017 winter

[email protected]

Co-Director of HackUPC. A student hackathon for over 500 computer science students. Leading a team of 70 people. Also organizer of the previous 2 editions.

Programming languages & technologies

Comfortable with:

  • C++ and C
  • Java
  • Python
  • Prolog
  • Haskell
  • Android
  • SQL
  • Arduino
  • Algorithms & data structures

Learning and interested in:

  • Go
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • VR
  • Drones