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Goldie Wassermuhl recently retired from a four decade-long career in counseling. Prior to entering the profession, Mrs. Wassermuhl graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in Education. She also completed a second graduate degree in Applied Psychology and worked toward a doctorate in the same discipline. After completing her education, Mrs. Wassermuhl began her career as a counselor, a vocation that she held until her retirement in 2008. As a professional counselor, Goldie Wassermuhl used her understanding of human behavior and emotions to assist people in a variety of life circumstances. She dealt with clients struggling with depression, anger management issues, self-esteem problems, and other mental issues. At Seneca College in Toronto, Mrs. Wassermuhl provided support to college students as part of the staff for the college’s Counseling & Disability Services office. Her goal was to help students successfully complete their college education by removing obstacles to academic success. Mrs. Wasserman worked in this capacity for ten years before retiring. After leaving Seneca, Goldie Wassermuhl continued to provide counseling services on a voluntary basis. She currently provides free sessions for clients who otherwise could not afford them. Mrs. Wassermuhl also maintains active involvement in other community service initiatives, including several faith-based organizations. The United Jewish Appeal of Canada recognized her with the Lion of Judah pin, an honor bestowed to its most generous donors. She also supports the Toronto Jewish Film Festival as a patron. In addition to providing financial support for charitable organizations, Mrs. Wassermuhl also volunteers her time to the community through her work at Cheltenham Nursing Home. Her mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease prompted her commitment to assisting local senior citizens. When she is not involved in these humanitarian pursuits, she spends time with her husband enjoying outdoor activities or relaxing at their Florida vacation home.

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