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I am looking for a company that can use my talents and experience in sales and service to facilatate a beneficial union of profits and happy customers. Like the triangle of fire there is a triangle of business , and just like removing one of the elements of fire can put a fire out it can also happen with a business,  you need a company that values it customers and it employees.  I deem myself as a great employee , are you a great company? Then lets meet, and see if we can generate some happy customers.




Ron Bailey School of Broadcast

Main studies were radio and television copy writing and production ,and sales training ,with minor studies of broadcast and set design.


Ray Mulch Jr.

Lori Welty

Kerry Welty

Karen Mulch

Eric Brommer

Jerry Gerring

Work experience



Firework Productions of Az.

Main responsiblity is the overseeing of the set up and firing of pyrotechnic shows.

Oct 1994Apr 2009

Service Technician

Aidant Fire Protection

Responsibilities include sales and servicing fire extinguisher, fire suppression systems, fire doors, emergency lights and eyewashs as well as teaching fire extinguisher training classes and training new technicians.I also was sent to trouble shoot problems with customers and mechanicle problems with fire systems.


Shop Manager

We Screen Inc.


Jun 1981Present

Certificate of Fitness

City of Phoenix
Apr 2008Apr 2011

CSA Licence # 20935