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Flight Instruction
When the idea occurs to you that you've always dreamed of flying, or, if it suddenly strikes you that flying might be a fun and potentially useful thing, that is the time to act and discover what flying is all about! We say, "Stop Dreaming and Start Flying!" We make it easy for you to try it without jumping in all the way with our Introductory Pilot Course.   This course gives you a look at all aspects of learning to fly. You will receive 2 One-hour flying lessons in either a Cessna 152 or Piper Warrior* with an FAA Certified Golden State Flight Instructor You do most of the flying while the instructor assists when necessary. You will actually perform the first 2 lessons in our Private Pilot Training Syllabus and, best of all, these flights count toward your pilot license no matter where you choose to fly. Your instructor will enter the time flown and maneuvers practiced into this logbook at the conclusion of each lesson.   Included in our Introductory Package is an excellent training handbook called the "Airplane Flying Handbook" . This is an FAA Publication that covers all aspects of basic flying techniques and we suggest that you do as much reading in this book as possible before taking the 2 flights that come with the course.   Finally, you can attend, as part of the Introductory Package, 2 sessions of our Private Pilot Ground School. This 9 week course is a one-of-a-kind Pilot Course taught by a FAA Certificated Pilot Instructor. It consists of lectures, workshops, testing etc. to both prepare you for the required FAA Knowledge Test and to help make you a safer more educated pilot. In summary, Here's what you get with this course:   PRIVATE PILOT INTRODUCTORY COURSE:   · 2 ONE-HOUR FLIGHT LESSONS CESSNA 152 WITH FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR · 2 SESSIONS GROUND SCHOOL (4 hrs) · AIRPLANE FLYING HANDBOOK · PILOT LOGBOOK This is a total value (at our regular retail prices) of over $300 for just $99.95* To schedule your FIRST introductory flight call (619) 449-0611 or (800) 277-4568 Gift Certificates Available!!   *San Diego County Residents only. Minimum age 16. Unlicensed pilots only. Piper Warrior available at additional cost $129.95 . One special only per customer. Cannot be combined with other discount offers.