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Golden Meadows Retrievers is based in central Ventura County, California. It's owners have 20 years of experience breeding golden retrievers and six years of experience breeding vizslas. Golden Meadows focuses most on retrievers because of the breed’s unusual intelligence and dynamism, which make them a great choice for a family dog. Golden retrievers descend from champion lines, which is where they inherit their pleasing looks and winning personalities. Golden Meadows guarantees the health of their retriever and vizsla puppies, as there are concerns about genetic disorders affecting their vision, heart, and hip function. Though the dogs bred by this organization come from excellent stock, they also have the benefit of the loving and stimulating care they receive while there. The facilities are very clean and are designed to give the animals the space they require to develop and grow. The dogs at Golden Meadows begin socialization with humans from day one, ensuring their familiarity with human companions and preparing them for their future placement. Several retrievers have gone on to function as therapy or service animals. The staff specializes in choosing the right puppy for the right home, and they provide careful aid to customers during their choice of animal companion. Many Golden Meadows customers have expressed satisfaction with the animals provided to them. One family said that their retriever named Bailey fit in perfectly, playing all day with the children. Another customer stated that their retriever brought an unexpected tranquility to their household. To read more customers testimonials, visit