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Golam Shahanoor

Master's Student at Halmstad University


Contemplate to build a career as a  researcher in academic area to develop  cutting edge technology with commitment and dedication. Complying to translate my experience, knowledge, skills and abilities in  robotics and autonomous system to a value for the institution.

Work History

February 2016April 2016


Volvo Car Corporation

Worked as a consultant to integrate a Volvo S60 with dSpace hardware in order to convert a consumer car into an semi-autonomous vehicle. My main responsibility was to use microautobox to communicate with car over CAN-bus both hardware and software wise, develop a prototype Simulink module which can send acceleration to the car, communicate with RADAR system separately to get information about the car in front.  To analyze and test the CAN-bus system I used a diagnostics tool called "Vector Canalyzer" , which is very useful to monitor bus status and data.

June 2015August 2015

Summer project 

Halmstad University

Engaged in a health care project. Main responsibility was to use a "turtlebot 2" robot and a "kinect 360" to track a person, move towards the person and communicate via touch.

Jan 2010Jun 2014

Maintenance Engineer

Abul Auto Battery Charger

As a Maintenance engineer, my key responsibility was to design and test performance of electrical transformer. Ensure the safety of product and quality assessment. 



Masters in Embedded and Intelligent Systems

Halmstad University

Embedded programming, image analysis, sensor fusion are general study area. Major focus is on the  development of mobile and autonomous system.


B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Eastern University

Major area of focus was power system design and analysis, application of power electronic devices.

Programming skills


Object oriented programming, algorithm development ,problem solving and debugging


Model based development of control system and simulation, performance analysis ,tuning and debugging


General Programming , Analyzing Information ,simulate system behaviour, debugging and  problem Solving, algorithm design


General Programming Skills, Analyzing Information , Problem Solving, algorithm design


General Programming Skills, Analyzing Information , Problem Solving


Basic knowledge in programming , java based development and management

Software skills


  • Controldesk (dSpace)
  • OpenCV  (for image analysis)
  • Robot Operating System(ROS)
  • Linux  and  windows(7/8/10)
  • Microsoft word, powerpoint and excel
  • Latex
  • Version control system GIT and SVN

Hardware skills

  • Integration of dSpace hardware for vehicle control and prototyping
  • CANalyzer to diagnose and find error in a vehicle CAN bus. 
  • Integrating  popular embedded systems such as Raspberry pi, Arduino and PIC micro controller to develop a system or sensor data acquisition.
  • Microsoft "kinect-360" for visual perception
  • "turtle bot -2" as development platform
  • Design PCB and circuit for projects 

Language skills

  • English
Fluent in reading, writing and listening (IELTS -7)
  • Bangla
native as mother language
  • Swedish
Basics (learning in progress)


  • Winner of Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge - 2016 
  • Awarded "Swedish Institute scholarship-2014"
  • Awarded "Magna Cum Laude"  by Eastern University


                                                                                                                      Successful project works


  • Cristofer Englund, PhD

    Research Manager Cooperative Systems

    Viktoria Swedish ICT

    Phone : +46 70 856 02 27


  • Wojciech Mostowski

    Centre for Research on Embedded Systems (CERES)

    School of Information Technology, Halmstad University

    Box 823, SE-301 18 Halmstad, Sweden



    tel: +46-35-16-7137, fax: +46-35-12-0348