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Work experience

Mar 2004Present


Profit Trading and Consulting

Profit Company , is an individual private company. Goal of the company is to focus on Global Marketing Business and serve as best Marketing Consulting Co. for Turkey. During last 5 years Göknar has visited many different countries. Serious business agreements regarding well known tire and wheel brands have been signed.Meanwhile Göknar created website which contains 7/24 hours local and international news,interviews,comments about global marketing issues etc. to the Turkish Market. web site is belong to Finansbank Turkey. Site is open to the public and answers all of business questions via expert team. Göknar takes his place in this team as a Marketing and Sales Strategies consultant. Also attends as a "Guest Speaker" about " Global Marketing Concept and New Strategies "  at Eğitişim Career Institute .Göknar's new website has started April 2010.


Company Manager


CMS is the number one light alloy wheel manufacturerin Turkey. Sales and Marketing Company is responsible to market this product to the Turkish Replacement Market. Göknar was handling Company Manager (by leading the group of 25 subordinate) role by reporting directly to the executive committee of the CMS Group. Joined the Company February 02. Company has declared a loss position for the year 01. Between 02 and 03 total net sales was up to 50%. S.O.M. was around 70% in the local market. Göknar was leading 21 subordinates during his working period.


Associated Brands Manager FULDA-DUNLOP-SAVA

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Promoted as Fulda, Dunlop and Sava Brands (sister Brands of Goodyear) Managerial position. Has managed to control annual 50 million USD turnover. In one year period (99-00) unit sales volume was up to 17% and net sales was up 9.9%. Göknar has controlled and managed the Sales Marketing activities of three Brands at the same time. Main Topics were Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People.

He has had supports actively to motivate the Distributors and their Dealer Network through communication and different incentive schemes.

Also developed and generated three different local Business strategies and tactics for the strong Market position for each Brand. In order to secure the interest of Business, Göknar was regularly participating the European quarterley SBU (Strategical Business Unit) Meetings.

To generate the Market Strategy and produce Annual Plan for Sales and Resources, he has had very close contacts with Goodyear’s Turkish and World Manufacturing, Marketing and Financial sources.


Goodyear Marketing Manager

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Promoted as GY Marketing Manager. He has managed and lead the group of 15 subordinate since November 1996.

The managerial group reporting to him was formed of 3 different Product Groups Manager, Training Manager, Customer Service Manager, Pricing Manager, Retread Manager and Advertising Manager.

During ’97 and ’98 period, Goodyear Marketing Department has developed and implemented many new Business aspects. Such as; new product launches, reorganization of distribution (Dealer) Network, new pricing models, new training methods, new promotional and advertising campaigns.

Besides reporting to Turkey, İ. Göknar also reported to the Goodyear European Region located in Brussells.

In the same period he deserved to sign the signature circulars (2nd degree) of the Company.


Fulda Brand Manager

Goodyear Lastikleri TAS

Since the launch of Fulda Brand to the Turkish Market, Göknar was in Management Team and played an active role in the developing and implementing of total Strategic and Tactical Business Plans for the Fulda’s success story in Turkey.

During the same period, Fulda’s local Market Share has increased by 3 points and Brand Awareness (sponteneous recall) has reached 74% from 10% in the beginning.

Together with Fulda Sales and Marketing Team (which was reinstructed in ’92) Göknar has lead the Fulda Team (together with Top Management) for numerous Sales and Promotional Campaigns, as well as Dealer Development, Pricing, Product and Advertising issues.

Göknar and his team was the first who ininiated the concept of tape advertising (bant reklam) on live broadcasting in TV channels into practice in Turkey in 1994.

Later on, this practice was included in the written instructions of T.R.T. Advertising under the title of “The rules of Tape Advertising Broadcast”. After ’94, Fulda TV commercials alwasys kept the number one position in GRP calculations.


Goodyear Sales Manager/Government Sector

Goodyear Lastikleri TAS

Göknar was the resposible Sales Manager for the CO’s tender businesses with State Material Office (DMO) and other local tender Businesses through out the country.


Goodyear Advertising Manager

Goodyear Lastikleri TAS

Göknar has joined Goodyear Co. As Advertising Manager in November 1987. Besides the plans carried out in Turkey, he has also reported to the Goodyear European Region.

During 3 years of a time, he has managed to increased the Advertising Budget by 10 times S.O.V. and S.O.M. has both increased in the local market. Brand image has increased by 8 points.

He has had supports actively on the famous Goodyear Brand Image Campaign named as “Take Me Home”. At the same period he was also managing the Fulda Brand’s total Advertising Business.


Advertising Manager

Arcelik A.S.

Göknar has worked in the Marketing Department of Arçelik A.Ş. . First three years as an Advertising exper than as a Chief.

Especially during ’85-’87 he has worked with three different Advertising Agencies at the same time (Ajans Ada,Cen Ajans, Güzel Sanatlar) on various product groups major and below the line media activities.

Also, he was the responsible associate for the CO’s all outdoor activities.


Assistant of Media Department

Cenajans Advertising Co..

Göknar was in charge of the media planning section for the agency’scustomers. He has initiated developed and implemented the Turkish Consumer Profile files which was prepared for the customer of Cen Ajans (total 64customer) for the first time in Turkey that were accepted with the great appreciation







-Member of Galatasaray Sports Club

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-Chaired a seminar at Bilkent University

-Chaired a seminar at Public Relations Association’s Meeting

-Chaired a seminar at Yeditepe University



Professional Management


Total Quality

Goodyear Total Quality Culture
Jun 1998Present


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Mar 1995Present


Jan 1994Present

Professional Management

Ali Kİrman Consultant