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Computer Science student, software developer with both broad and well enough technical knowledge, and a passion for engaging with most challenging and remarkably sophisticated computational problems. Besides of his love between Java(🚀), Linux and C++, he is also deeply interested in mobile; loves developing both Android and iOS apps. He also enjoys to develop games with Unity, C# and Java: wants to develop a mid-core Game Engine someday. He spends much time to learn low-level procedures, how things actually work and science relation in computers. He enjoys to join programming contests, CTF events and hackathons. But, above all he likes to think up an admirable ideas which related to bright, possible start-ups. He has an entrepreneur-mind.

Coffee + Night Hours + Love = Code

Work History

Feb 2017Present

Software Developer


Part-Time Software Developer position in

Turkey's Largest Java Development Team, OBSS.

Dec 2014Present

Active Member of IEEE Computer Society

Bilkent IEEE Student Branch

I am the core organiser of Mobile Days  - the three day/single track international conference gathering engineers, students and mobile enthusiasts together - with our core team. I had invited special guest speakers from Oculus, Unity, OnePlus for Mobile Days 2015.



Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Bilkent University

Computer Science- Current CGPA 3.03


High School of Science Degree

Toros High School of Science & Technology

Ranked 3th in graduation.


Part of my Education

TED High School of Science

Full Scholarship*

Honors & Awards

  • HONOUR Student - MAY 2015, issuer Bilkent University

Dean's Honour List

  • Freshman Physics Best Project Award - January 2016, issuer Bilkent University

I won the Freshman Physics Best Project Award with my "Intelligent Monkey and the Cruel Hunter " project. There were over 900 projects which entered the contest.

Detailed info;

  • Honour Award from my Secondary School - August 2009, issuer Marmara College

Ranked 4th in Nationwide Foreign&Private High School Entrance Exam among 30.000 students in my district Istanbul 3, 2009. With entering this exam you can have opportunity to be accepted by prestigious high schools like Robert College.

  • Additional & Miscellaneous Awards - March 2015, issuer Turkish Intelligence Foundation

I efficiently solved the weekly brain-teaser question of Bilkent IEEE (sponsored by Turkish Intelligence Foundation) and won the prize of original Rubik's 3x3 Cube. 

return SkillsObject;

Goal oriented creativity
Strong verbal and written communication & Teamwork
Thinking through first principles
Software Development






Android Material Design







Prior experience

Javascript, Node JS, Express JS

Back-end Server Implementation

Unity 3D

Prior experience while building non-commercial mobile games

Software Analysis and Documentation
Software testing/debugging/unit testing




FPGA & Microchip Design

Prior experience with building simple but robust websites.

MySQL & SqLite


Algorithm Analysis / Timing Complexity

Building theoretical knowledge about that subject

Deep down knowledge on Mac OSX, iOS, watchOS
Data Structures

Building theoretical knowledge about that subject. 

MIPS Assembly

Prior Experience

Amazon AWS

Prior Experience

iOS - Swift Programming

Prior experience


Prior experience with building REST API

Parse SDK & Firebase SDK



  • Project "Volo"

Volo is a social networking app which connects volunteers to non-profit organisations' events.

Technologies used: Java, Android SDK, PHP REST API, MongoDB, Parse API, Amazon AWS, Android Material Design.

For detailed information please visit:

Additional Info & UProjects

  • Project "MovBot"

AI Powered Bot which relies on Facebook Messenger Platform. It is currently an ongoing project.

Technologies used: Facebook Messenger SDK, Graph API, Node JS, Express JS, Request,, OMDB API, Ngrok.

  • Project " Weathernio "

Simple, elegant weather app with intelligent feedbacks and inspirational quotes. For example, If today's forecast is " rainy " app shows " Some people can feel the rain, others just get wet.. " , etc.

Technologies used: Android SDK, Java, Material Design , Volley, Yahoo Weather API, Parse API.

Developed for only fun and self-educational purposes.

  • Project " Roll-a-QWay"

Overcome the obstacles, collect the trophies with tilting your mobile phone. Developed for only fun, written in C# and built with Unity 5.0.

  • { There were other projects which are currently in under developing }
  • This slide was part of my nomination for Head of Bilkent IEEE Computer Society.
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  • *I have attended various developer conferences, programming contests and activities such as Google Day, Startup Istanbul, Android Developer Days 2015, Mobile Days, IEEE XTREME 8.0 9.0 etc.
  • Please check out my linkedIN profile and my personal website at :

Ongoing Programming Contests

  • I have made the cut to accepted one of the leading finance&banking company in Turkey, YapıKredi Bank's mobile application contest " FikriMobil 2016 " with my project "Volo". After that, I have gotten through to finale. 

       Detailed info:

  • I am gonna enter the USOM(National Cyber Security Center)'s CTF contest with my two other friends on 22 January, 2017.