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Awards were given for most push ups, cit ups, and planks
Shift manger,crew trainer,rotc squad leader


Obtain bachelor's degree in Criminal law from Stony Brook University of New York by 2019

Proceeed to go to police acadmey by 2020

Begin career as police officer and become dectective by 2026

Work experience

Oct 2012Nov 2012

Shift supervisor

Carls jr
  • Documented all accounts of money in and out of the safe
  • Verified all items sold and misplaced through out the entire day
  • Tracked all crew login and schedule up coming work days
May 2011Sep 2012

Crew Trainer

  • Train and enhance all new member with propper and correct proccedures
  • Informed and comprehend all materials and listings to the crew and myself
  • Formal supervisor is not present the crew trainer acts as the absent supervisor


Aug 2009Present

In Progress

Youngker High School
  • Rotc air force ( 2 years) made to element leader (lead a small 5 man team)
  • Awards for athletic (push ups cit ups planks e.t.c)
  • Can type on a keyboard with out looking