Work History

Work History
Apr 2014 - Present


University of Debrecen

Every semester I teach a 6 week, basic chest x-ray course for medical students in English. I am also involved in teaching 4th year medical students general radiology in English, as well. 

Sep 2004 - Apr 2012

Crossword puzzle maker

Szerencsi Hírek
  • For over seven years, I was responsible for creating traditional style crossword puzzles for the Arts section every two weeks. 
  • I created 206 crossword puzzles throughout this period that were all published. 
Sep 2000 - Jun 2002



During these two years I was an employee of the Natural Sciences Department at El Camino College and a member of the M.E.S.A tutor team. I was responsible for tutoring students in three different courses:

  • CHEM 1A (Basic Organic Chemistry)
  • CHEM 1B (Advanced Organic Chemisty)
  • MATH 11 (Basic Algebra)

In each course I held two 90-minute-long sessions per week, for which I prepared my own worksheets for the students to work on, and I provided all necessary explanations to the students. These session were closely tied in with the regular curriculum, so I had to communicate with the professors of the given courses on a regular basis. I founded the CHEM 1B workshop as it had never been done before. M.E.S.A. stands for Math, Engineer, Science Achievement and is a none-profit organisation that is helping students attain better academic performance in the natural sciences. I am proud to have been amongs the founders of M.E.S.A. while juggling with my own studies.


Sep 2002 - Sep 2009

University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center
  • I finished my M.D. at the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center, formerly known as University of Debrecen, School of Medicine.
  • I did my student research project at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, since 2007. My research focused on peristaltic wave studies of megaureters using gamma camera.
Sep 2000 - Jun 2002

A.S. in Biology

I attended El Camino College for two years, during which:

  • I completed an A.S. degree in biology,
  • I finished all the requirements for transfering to UCLA with a major in psychobiology,
  • I received a scholarship from the Chemistry department,
  • I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship at the Natural Sciences Department. Only 8 students receive this award and scholarship from a student body of 10,000 each year, and only one student is chosen for each department.
  • I was a paid tutor at the MESA Program for 3 semesters.
  • I took an active role in the Honors Transfer Program,
  • I wrote for the student newspaper every month.
Sep 1998 - Jun 2000

High School Diploma

Torrance High School
  • I completed my secondary school education in Torrance. I was rookie of the year and most valuable player in tennis in the year 1999.
  • I finished 3 Los Angeles Marathons between 1999-2001.

Interests, other

  • I am married, and our son is 5-years-old. 
  • I am a member of Mensa HungarIQa.
  • I have a Hungarian and an American driver’s licence.
  • My hobbies are playing tennis, archery, and rockclimbing. 
  • I am found of the Arts, and I paint myself


I would like to work in an environment where I can improve upon my professional skills, explore new frontiers in radiology, and earn a stable living.

In the Fall of 2014 I have started my Ph.D. studies. My goal is to develop a platform independent mobile decision support application for radiologist. The software will cover full body CT and MRI.

Social Skills

  • Good ability in making contact with people.
  • Persistence.
  • Goal oriented mind.
  • Industriousness.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new situations and people.

Volunteer Work

  • In July of 2009, I spent ten days in an Irish children's camp called Barretstown, where Ivolunteered to be the interpreter for the Hungarian group. I have received an invitation toreturn to Barretstown this September for yet another session. Barretstown is a speciallydesigned camp, providing a programme of adventure, activities and fun which helpschildren with serious illness regain their confidence and self-esteem.
  • In August of 2009 I spent another ten days in the Hungarian Bátortábor, which was built onthe model of Barretstown. In this camp I was responsible for an activity called "high ropes"in which we taught children basic hiking techniques and had them overcome their fear ofheights.

Continous Medical Education

  • Diagnostic Imaging. 5-10 October 2014. Schloss Arenberg, Salzburg.
  • Diagnostic Imaging. 4-10 November 2012. Schloss Arenberg. Salzburg.

  • Diagnostic Imaging. 9-15 October 2011. Schloss Arenberg. Salzburg. 

  • Clinically Oriented Musculosceletal Radiology. 24-27 of March, 2011. Uzsok UtcaiHospital. 1145 Budapest, Uzsoki u. 29.

  • PET/CT in Practice. 13-23 of Septermber, 2010. Scanomed Ltd. 4029 Debrecen,Nagyerdei Krt. 98.

Language Skills

  • Hungarian: mother tongue
  • English (spoken and written): excellent