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New English High School




bhikamchand Khandelwal



Applications Novice
Unity 3d(game making 2d),Flash
Adobe Premiere,Microsoft office,NetBeans
Oracle 10G
Web Designing
Programming Languages Novice
Programming languages
c, c++, Java,Android using Eclipse and sdk
Operating System
Windows, Linux


Nitin Gavankar


Projects Undertaken


To work in a company where my skill, technical knowledge, and experience will be utilized and continuous steps toward progress and innovation will be taken.

Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Delivered seminar on OpenGL ES at WCE, Sangli.
  2. Participated in Java coding & Project Presentation at WCE Sangli.
  3. Attended Android Workshop at WCE, Sangli.
  4. Attended a ‘Winter Code Program’ on ‘OpenMP’ and ‘MPI’ under‘HPC (High Performance Computing)’ at WCE sangli.
  5. Undergone training under the Infosys Campus Connect Skills Program at WceSangli.

Extra-Curricular Activities

1.‘Volunteer’ in ‘RAINBOW 2K9’ event by WCE Rotaract.

2.    Participated in Annual College Gathering Group Dance Competition 2k11 and 2k12


  1. Listening and Singing songs
  2. Parkour
  3. Dancing


  1. Winner at ReverserTrix a c program output finding competition 2k11, nation level event at wce sangli
  2. Runner-up at Bug-Fi A c program bug Removing competition 2k11, at wce sangli.
  3. Runner-up at Logistack 2k12 c programming competition at Kolhapur Institute of Technology
  4. Completed MSCIT with 94 marks out of 100 marks.


I hereby declare that the above given information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


6 April 2012                                                                                        Name: Rahul Ashokrao Nagekar

                                                                                                                    Date Of Birth: 13 Nov 1990

Interest in introductory programming

I like to innovate and with programming it becomes real.

So i am interested in all those programming which i can use.

Interest in App Inventor

I am working on android for making some games and if i found a faster way to built it i would be happy

and i would be happy to contribute to such a software which i am gona use soon.

Proposed summer project

Sound command mapping interface

sound commands can be created and hence can be used to operate phone.

Experience with the development tools.

I had use CUDA  sdk to do parallel programming and also android sdk to create some 2d games

Your App Inventor app

As i am specially interested in games and innovation i want my app inventor to be able to handle all of atleast 2d game making in simple and user friendly way.

Experience with teams, online developer communities, and large code ba

I had created a 2d platformer game with my team mates and as per my experience we all contributed in that project well as it was my first time when i actually created a good looking game we really worked hard.

And it was my successful 2d platformer which i made without referencing other project and totally designing and imagining logic in my mind.

I look for online forums and groups when ever i need some help or i feel i am stuck at some point and someone else can help me.

Basically I Use facebook groups more to discuss such issues as facebook really gets more number of hits that any other site as per my knowledge(except google).

App Inventor design and source code

I want to be honest here I tried to install that app inventor on my windows 7 but not getting for real how to deal with it.

I read the readme that comes with the package and learn only how to create the app inventor but i dont know where are the package source code so that i will modify it

I think i need some tutorials to do it more breaf tutorial and i am going to try it with ubantu instead.