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Jan 2010Present


"Osakaben" is the Japanese dialect of Osaka. Osakaben + Ventures = Osaka Bentures, a group that will encourage and participate in collaborations between emerging Osaka/Kansai (Japan) start-up companies. A short-term project is the English edit of the Japanese Prefectural Government's entire website: February through March. Our ongoing present project is "FAT-TO-FIT," Saul Fleischman's diet/exercise/lifestyle coaching business (details below). FAT-TO-FIT Weight-loss, weight control, diet, fitness are yours. Life-long weight-control for Lazy Fat Guys Who Like to Eat Lots and Have No Discipline Whatsoever. NO ONE loses weight like Saul, and he teaches his system to overweight people who wish to make a radical change in their life, lose a lot of weight, and then keep it off - for life. Saul's personal achievement: he cut his body weight by more than half - without surgery, starvation, or diet pills, etc. His own system took him from 165.5 Kg to under 75 Kg. Employ Saul, start feeling better about how you live.
Feb 2010Mar 2010

English Website Editorial Director


English Website Editorial Director (Temporary Position)

Supervised the final editorial direction of the Osaka Prefectural Government’s Web-site’s English version:

Mar 2009Aug 2009

Director, New Business Planning Dept

Before my cooperation with the president of this small firm, the business activity of You-Na Tech was 100% limited to the recycling of scrap silicon material. I was responsible for establishing the New Business Planning Dept., staffing, and developing relationships with Japanese and foreign firms that will produce silicon ingots for export, and also solar silicon wafers, solar cells, and solar modules (panels). I also led the initial promotion projects for the launch of these new product lines for export sales worldwide.
Apr 2005Aug 2007

International Marketing Director

Developed the international marketing program and lead all overseas sales for this Osaka-based direct marketing list company. Marketing to direct corporate clients as well as developing partnerships with list management firms and brokers and information services firms in the U.S.; and China. * Consulted with two China-based offshore software firms on establishment of Japan headquarters. * Expanded this company's overall visibility by leading the move of the firm into advertising as well as SEO (search engine optimization) for the Japanese, English, and Chinese index pages of the site, re-worked the entire English site, and further added an entire .com domain and led the site design project to both localize North American marketing and exploit more search engine optimization opportunities. Initiated and supervised the company's usage of SEM. * Established relationships with the DMA (Direct Marketing Association, USA) and JDMA (Japan Direct Mail Association) for the company and further, authored articles for industry magazines (such as DM News - samples available upon request), both on-line and print to earn cost-free PR for the firm.
Nov 1999Feb 2005

President (sole proprietor)

Established a wholesale/retail outlet in Sakai City, Osaka in early 2000, and then, while overseeing the development of the retail store, I was solely responsible for product sourcing: bags, luggage, leather goods, outerwear and headwear, eyewear and gifts from around the world. * All goods were both sourced and imported by MegaWorld directly, relying heavily on the internet.
Feb 1997Oct 1999

International Marketing and Sales Director

Initially hired on a contract basis to analyze how latest low-cost computer technologies could be utilized in this company to both cut operating costs significantly and also aid in marketing, I soon delegated the responsibilities for the in-house web and pre-print projects that I initiated for both the three-language web-site and the firm's catalogs and pamphlets production. Subsequent to my taking on a small design staff to complete the web and company literature design projects that I initially led, I was promoted to a permanent executive position, International Marketing and Sales Director, from which time I concentrated on the implementation of my proposed ideas: * I ordered equipment and trained staff at several key locations on personal computers, and initiated the change from sending many forms, memos and blueprints by fax between the company's offices. * With my proven sales record, I was given four months of intensive sales engineering before receiving what would remain my permanent position: International Marketing and Sales Director. I lead the firm's overseas sales operations. I received an intensive general education in machine tooling, following which I assisted in contract negotiation with foreign suppliers (negotiating successfully for the exclusive representation of two foreign firms, by Showa, for the entire Japan market) as well as assisting in business with our many distributors and the largest and most prestigious of customers, including ROLLS ROYCE; , the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, and MACDONALD DOUGLASS (USA). Such work, and sole-distributor negotiation (for all of Japan), as well as representing SHOWA SEIKI at international machine tool expos England, France, Japan and America. * I left SHOWA SEIKI in October, 1999, after completing a final project to establish the SHOWA USA headquarters office near Chicago - most important to serve the auto and auto parts manufacturing industrial cities of Michigan and Illinois.
Jun 1994Nov 1996

Brand Manager

staff size: 18) Marketing Manager and Brand Manager, SMELLY TUNA and IGNITION snowboard brands * Subsequent to my presentation on the cost-saving attributes as well as speed of delivery, market sensitivity, and other benefits of in-house graphic and text design for snowboards and other marketing support materials (i.e. printed catalogs, brochures, stickers, seals, branded clothing, give-away promotional items, etc.), I arranged for the firm's first Macintosh and design software to be delivered. I later installed everything and learned to use and teach staff to use the Macintosh, and numerous software applications, including QUARK XPRESS as well as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR and PHOTOSHOP. * Worked with the firm's sponsored snowboard riders on design and brand image issues, coordinating with athletes and marketing people in Osaka, Tokyo, and at the USA headquarters
Oct 1991Feb 1994

Market Researcher

staff size: 20) Market Research Staff and Japan Liaison * Recruited to research and report on the arbitrage positions and mid/long-term market prognoses for the many overseas prospective markets for the company's innovative "call-back" low-cost international long distance service. * Utilizing my Japanese fluency and negotiation skills, I liaised with the company's Japan representative (at that time, headquartered in Osaka, Japan)

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