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Tel. 919-271-3324email: [email protected] supply chain professional with proven leadership skills producing quality results in a high volume manufacturing environment and a world class globally integrated supply chain. 10+ years pertinent experience at IBM being a key contributor driving team building leadership in process creation, streamlining and always focused on targeted goals. Created volume planning forecasts and managed worldwide commodity requirements for X86 microprocessors and memory commodity segments generating $1+ billion annual revenues. I am pursuing opportunities in supply chain, planning and commodity management.

Work experience



IBM Corporation

Created volume planning forecasts and managed worldwide commodity requirements for X86 microprocessors and memory commodity segments generating $1+ billion annual revenues. Orchestrated the development of System X from 1999 launch to current day world class globally integrated supply chain.

  • Developed single commodity ownership point from 20 separate points of control split between box-embedded and marketed commodities, streamlining structural efficiency through centralization. 
  • Produced higher customer serviceability, a 90% decrease in quarter-end unshipped orders, and a 50% order receipt to shipment improvement through new centralized structure.
  • Teamed with diverse groups supporting marketing initiatives and technical transitions while balancing affordable levels of inventory and achieving optimal revenue.
  • Improved forecast accuracy 15% by implementing detailed commodity reporting that resulted in $26 million decrease in premium expedited freight cost and 60% decrease in supply chain inventory.
  • Created efficiencies with evolving Intel X86 microprocessor commodity through creation of three global commodity hubs offering 30% higher forecast accuracy, reduced inventory levels, and increased customer satisfaction.


Managed hardware and software rollouts for large accounts including Gannet Corporation (Owner / operator of “USA Today” plus 300 other media locations). Supported configurations, ordering, backlog, systems assurance, and installation team coordination for multiple monthly installations.

  • Recognized through client award for creating a better understanding of customer concerns 
  •  Fostered a  highly collaborative environment through face-to-face client interaction.
  • Directed taskforce reducing redundant tasks, leading to 30% operational efficiency improvement.


Team leader for master records department consisting of 20 million customer records with 2000 new accounts created daily throughout 500 marketing offices. Analyzed operational procedures for managing large record volumes, implementing quality control, and purging inactive records. Responsible for quality control over 100 record data fields to lessen defects on legal names, enterprise association, taxes, billing, and industry alignment.

  • Led relocation of customer master records department from New Jersey to Maryland in a tight seven-week period. Mastered all procedures, established new site, and organized infrastructure and training of newly -hired staff while maintaining uninterrupted field operations support.
  • Created field communication tool for headquarters to over 500 branch offices, resulting in faster and more efficient training, quality control, and legal adherence.


Supported configuration, ordering, exception error process, and fulfillment to installed main frame hardware with CPU changes in excess of $1 million. Assisted with critical and restrained feature conditions and system assurance, scheduling installs with customer and engineering teams.

  • Initiated revamping of outdated process manual, streamlining overall content and adding critical support guidelines.
  • Drove 90% on-time shipments through tighter accuracy controls of key measurements, resulting in 15% improvement of customer satisfaction rankings.


Initial team member of “Admin Info” department, streamlining field operations support in an on-line research center. Analyzed 60+ queries daily and created final “Q&A’s” to library. Developed subject matter expert listings.Traveled to field locations to promote the tool.

  • Promoted growth of highly popular tool by increasing libraries from ten to 40 and expanding to three centers.
  • Achieved higher expertise levels and gained benefits of average response time to fewer than eight hours with re-open rate less than 20%.


Supervised fulfillment of Federal international procurements through the coordination of ordering, scheduling, and large system installations. Interacted with Federal Procurement resolving PO preparation and modification issues. Managed timing of projected installations with cross-functional technical, marketing, and engineering teams.

  • Achieved significant equipment tracking improvement, major delinquency reduction and improved customer communications for Frankfurt, Germany project through effective customer collaboration.
  • Achieved 40% increase in customer satisfaction through the development of rollout tracking system addressing customer issues with complicated Federal contracts.


Intensive Spanish Progam

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara


Marymount University



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Webmaster Certification Program - Design Track

North Carolina State University