Gaylynn Moore-Collins

Gaylynn Moore-Collins


My interests are traveling, writing, mentoring, and community service.

Teaching Philosophy

To obtain a position within an educational institution that allows me to utilize my 32+ years of professional  teaching and developing  courses  online and ground.

My  teaching philosophy is based on a student centered philosophy. I believe educators should focus on actively engaging all students in the learning community. As an educator it’s my responsibility to foster a safe learning environment conducive to a rich learning experience for each student. 

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2010 - Present

Online / Ground Adjunct Professor of Sociology

University of Saint Joseph

My responsibilities included teaching the following courses:

SOCL 481 - Practicum in Applied Sociology

SOCL 383 - Contemporary Sociological Theory

SOCL 101 - Introduction to Sociology

SOCL 227 - Social Inequality

SOCL 217 Racial & Ethnic Groups

Aug 2008 - Present

Online Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Husson University

My responsibilities included teaching and developing online courses in the following areas:

Sy312 Sociology of Work

PSY 334 Leadership

Mar 2011 - Present

Online Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Charter Oak State College

Teaching and developing online courses: SOC 499 Capstone. 

Sep 2012 - Present

Online Adjunct Instructor

Colorado Technical University

My responsibilities included teaching: SOCL 215 - Sociology and Understanding Human Behavior: Groups - Undergraduate course - Military Personnel. 

Aug 2013 - Present

Adjunct Sociology

Tunxis Community College

Courses Taught: Introduction to Sociology - Spring 2014 / Summer 2014

       Social Problems - Fall 2013

Jan 2012 - Sep 2014

Course Coordinator Sociology / Adult Continuing Education Coordinator

Goodwin College

My responsibilities includes:

  •  Create and maintain master blackboard shall for the course. Ensure that all instructors, especially new one, have access to and are comfortable using it. Solicit recommendations from faculty each semester of assignments and other resources that work, and include them as online resources.
  • Create, implement and summarize results of a common assessment. Lead discussion on student learning and help the faculty identify curriculum improvement. Document and follow-up decisions.
  • Manage the faculty teaching the course. Meeting with all faculty members individually at least once a semester in order to become a mentor/partner in the teaching learning process. Work with new instructors so that they understand school policies (e.g., cancelling a course, grade deadlines, et., philosophy school policies (e.g., identifying and supporting at-risk students). A written summary of a classroom observation must be completed once a year. Facilitate and on-campus group meeting once a semester. 
  • Support curriculum director with scheduling and hiring decisions related to the course. Keep the curriculum director informed. Attend the monthly curriculum meetings to report on activities as requested. 
Sep 2011 - Aug 2011

Adjunct Online Professor of Sociology

Manchester Community College

My responsibilities included teaching  & developing SOC 2301 Marriage & Family  and SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (Ground and Online) courses.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Naugatuck Valley Community College

My responsibilities included teaching undergraduate introduction to sociology course. 

Aug 2009 - May 2010

Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Southern Maine Community College

My responsibilities included teaching  ground sociology courses at the undergraduate level. 

Aug 2009 - May 2010

Online Adjunct Professor of US AP History

University of Maine

My responsibilities included teaching and developing online course(s) in  U.S. History AP for local high school students. 

Aug 2008 - May 2009

Social Science Teacher / US AP

South Portland High School

My responsibilities included teaching U.S. History AP, Psychology, and Sociology on campus to high schools students. 

Aug 2001 - May 2007

Professor of Sociology / Education

San Jacinto College/South Campus

My responsibilities included teaching introduction to sociology course and teaching introductory undergraduate teacher licensure courses. I was responsible student teachers field course experience and placement. 

Jan 2005 - May 2007

Online Adjunct Professor of Education

Indiana Wesleyan University

My responsibilities included teaching undergraduate teacher education course - Multicultural Studies and Philosophy of Education.

Aug 1990 - May 2001

Social Science Teacher

Lamar High School

My responsibilities  included teaching social science course at the high school level.  Also, I mentored student teachers preparing for Texas Teacher Licensure. 

Aug 1995 - May 1997

Online Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Wharton Junior College

My responsibilities included teaching online and ground sociology courses at the undergraduate level. Also, designing introduction to sociology courses. 

Sep 1980 - Dec 1980

Police Dispatcher

Lamar University Campus Police Department

I was employed by Lamar University Police Department as a full-time police dispatcher while completing my undergraduate degree in 1980.  Summer 1980 in completed my internship with Galveston Police Department - Detective Division. 


Aug 1995 - May 1996


Prairie View A & M University
Aug 1995 - May 1996


Texas Southern University
Aug 1980 - Jan 1980


Lamar University



BlackBoard Learn

I have training in Blackboard Learn and Vista online platforms.

Adobe Connect/Breeze

Live Chat Presentation Setup using Adobe Connect / Breeze to host a presentation. Tool used in presentation were: PowerPoint Lesson, Polls, and Share tool. 

Elluminate Live Online Training

CeCore Online Training

Moodle Online Training

Blackboard /WebCT Training


Sep 2010 - Present

Faculty Certification Training

Gresha Allen
Sep 2011 - Present

Faculty Certification Training

Tiffany Rahn
Jan 2012 - Present

BlackBoard Learn

Goodwin College
Jan 1986 - May 1986

Social Science Composite Teacher Certification

State of Texas