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Sports Nutrition, Nutrition for Kids


Work Philosophy:

  As a hopeful employer in the food and nutrition field I will be dedicated to my superiors, my peers, my clients, and others whom I work with. It is important to me to set a good example to those around me. As a employer I will work in collaboration with others and constantly treat all with respect. I will keep my confidence in myself and others high at all times. It is important to be 100% focused on the tasks that I am given. As well it is important to me to keep things unique and creative in whatever I am doing. As your future employer I know I will not be perfect but I am willing to learn from my mistakes and give my best effort at all times. 

Short Terms Goals: 

-I hope to get good grades first semester especially in my sciences and nutrition classes. 

-I wish to get involved in community service

- I would like to get a job at college. 

Long Term Goals: 

      - I want to graduate with a high GPA.

      -I would like to  either receive a dietetic internship or get into the Coordinated program.

      -I wish to work in the Food and Nutrition field with athletes. 


Secret Santa (delivering Christmas toys to underprivileged children on Christmas Eve)        2009-2012

Secret Santa Gift Wrapping                                                                               2008-2012

Charity Walks, Diabetes, Breast Cancer    2008-2012

Community Food and Clothes drives  2008-2012

Volunteered for a one-week service trip in Camden, NJ                               2011

Tutored 1st and 2nd graders in reading at inner city schools                         2008-2011

Helped plan and fun food drives at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter        2010-2011

Went to various food banks in the Philadelphia area to help serve food.       2009-2012

Volunteered to work church, St. Joan of Arc, carnival                                    2008-2011

EXTRA CURRICULAR Right to Life Club                2011-2012

History Club                  2008-2009

Latin Club                 2011

Speak Up (a program where teachers, parents and students discuss relevant issues together in a safe, non-threatening environment)                        2011-2012

Rowing on Varsity Team                2008-2012

HONORS Honor roll             2011/2012 school year

Excellence award in Sociology            2011/2012 school year

Presidents Education Award for outstanding academic achievement   2011/12 school year

French excellence award                                2009/2010 and 2010/2011 school year

Work experience

Oct 2010Present





Listening Actively
As an employer with superiors, co-workers, and clients it is important to be an active listener and see what others have to say. It is extremely important to have the options of others. 
Motivating Others
I believe it is very important to constantly keep others motivated to keep them going. It is always nice to have encouragement. In a work place motivating others is very vital to getting things done and getting them done well.  
Training Others
As a employer of Peirto's Restaurant every time a new employee was hired I would train them. Having worked there the longest, among all the hostesses, it was my job to train the new ones. 
When it comes to getting tasks done I tend to take charge. I work better when I am in charge of what I am doing. I like to set an example for people to follow. However, I also am good at following instructions and I work well with other people. I do not always need to be in the lead but if I needed to be a leader, I could. 
I am very organized when it comes to my work. I believe being organized is a huge key to success and makes things run a lot easier. 


Jaime Antrim

Jaime has been my manager for the past three years at Pietros Restaurant.