George Mavridis

George Mavridis

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2006 - Present

IT Director


Site Manager

Number of sub workers : 40

  • Running IT Department as a business, applying ITIL methodology for infrastructure, development and operations
  • Design, internal development and implementation of in-house CRM platform
  • Project Management of CRM implementation (Siebel) following PRINCE2 methodology
  • Implementation of provisioning platform (AXIOSS of AXIOM)
  • Implementation of ORACLE BRM platform
  • Change management processes applied in order to assure efficient and prompt handling of all changes
  • Responsible for the company's IT strategic plan
  • Design, implement and operate all IT driven services/systems
  • Preparation of the IT budget following the Company business plan
  • Setup IT infrastructure for two (2) main buildings and one main data center (3000 m2)
  • Participate in quotation evaluation and vendor selection process
  • Ensure the efficient operation of the Company Information, Network & Telecommunication Systems in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Internal development of various systems (Mediation, CRM, etc)
  • Design of processes to cover business needs
  • Management of the implementation of all IT related projects and network to ensure timely and efficient completion
  • Keep abreast of all new technological developments and ensure their transfer to the Company's systems

From June 2007, I was appointed by the CEO, as Acting Security Officer in order to prepare all relevant documentation for ADAE.

1994 - Present

Analyst Programmer


Commercial Company

Application Developer, developing Client/Server programs in graphic environment of Windows NT Advanced Server 3.5 and Windows for Workgroups using Visual Basic 3.0 and MS ACCESS 2.0.

Nov 2004 - Jun 2006

IT Manager


IT Manager

Number of sub workers : 21

During this period my main objective is to increase the performance and the productivity

of all IT system. My team had 21 members divided in three departments (System,

Application Development and Billing), responsible for 220 PC and more than 130 IT & Telecom servers. Main responsibilities :

  • Project Management of CRM implementation (nsCRM) following PMI methodology
  • Interconnection billing implementation
  • Implementation of IMS prepaid billing platform
  • Procedure optimization
  • Design and implement of Disaster recovery sites
  • Major Server redesign and consolidation
Jan 2000 - Nov 2004

Project Manager


Number of sub workers : 14 

Project Manager responsible for delivering solutions to customers. During these four years my main tasks were:

  • Design, development, implementation and roll out of OEM system all over Greece (400 POS, 1300 agents)
  • Responsible of putting into production the new Billing system of the Greek PTT (B.C.C.S. Billing and Customer Care System)
  • Project Management for installing INTEC interconnection billing platform (PMI)
  • Responsible for the migration from BCCS billing platform to Geneva
  • Operations Manager of the billing system. Responsible of day to day operations of the billing department of OTE, administering 30 employees
  • Design of new business processes following etom model in order to support the new billing system, the mediation, the customer care and the interconnection billing system
  • Design of invoice layouts ( OTESAT, COSMOROM and ROMTELECOM )
  • Software development of printing invoices (OTESAT, ROMTELECOM)
  • Change management processes applied in order to assure efficient and prompt handling of all changes
  • Line management functions were followed in order to assure direct authority and employees reporting to only one supervisor
  • Project Management Life Cycle (Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure tasks) techniques were used to support all OTEdeliverables
1998 - 2001

IT Manager



Number of sub workers : 3

IT Manager of a group consisting of seven companies. The company was equipped with two servers SCO OpenServer 5.0, Linux Server (Web Server) and a NT Server connected in the same network with 65 PC' s. Became extensive use of lines (HELLASCOM, LEASED LINES, FRAME RELAY), for the interconnection of all subsidiary companies of company with her central offices.

Main achievements:

  • Automation of authoring and importing on the ERP bill of goods
  • Automated reporting on Maximum
  • S/W for recording of titles of editorial house
  • Installation of INTRANET (4 sites) and Telephony integration
  • Replacement of old ERP (OPTIMUM) with the MAXXIMUM of SINGULAR
  • Installation of structured wiring in the central offices of company (8 floors) and in the subsidiary companies, 65 Academias Str and Thessalonica.
1995 - 1998

IT Manager


Logistics Services

Number of sub workers : 2

Responsible of development using INFORMIX 4GL + INFORMIX RDS based on INFORMIX ON-LINE 7.21. The company was equipped with three Servers connected over TCP/IP network (Altos 17000, Altos 7000, Altos 5000 running SCO UNIX, a Novel Netware 2.2 network and a network of Windows 95. Extensive use of leased lines was used for interconnecting main offices and branches.

I developed a system for analyzing the sales, using VB, while with the use of FrontPage 98, I created many sites in the intranet. From 1/7/97 up to my retirement, I was responsible for the creation and maintenance of pages of presentation of Greek Logistics Forum in Internet and the, sponsor of that was the CAPOCCI Logistics Services.

1996 - 1998

IT support

Greek Italian Commerce Chamber

Commerce Chamber

Developed application in Microsoft Access 2.0 under Microsoft Windows network that concerns the support of Chamber and its members. From 1/8/97 I undertook the design, creation and support of web pages of Chamber (former, current Date of first presentation was the1st of November 1997.

1995 - 1996

Analyst Programmer


Commercial Company

Analyst Programmer, developing s/w for customers of the company using Visual Basic 4.0 and MS ACCESS 7.0. Major task was the application of Office (support of Secretariats of Universities and automatic publication of certifications, support of libraries of Universities on recording of books and exhibits and their storage in magnetic means), as well as applications of control of production and automatism of industries.

1988 - 1993

EDP Manager



Analyst Programmer in SCO UNIX of ALTOS 2000 and RDBMS INFORMIX. In charge of new development and operation of s/w developed by me.

1986 - 1988

Sergeant Analyst


Civil Service

During this period:

  • I served at the 203 FACTORY in the Computer Centre of factory, which was equipped with PC ICL System 25 and a specific s/w of managing warehouses, called SAFES.
  • At the EDP department of Hellenic Air Force. Using Bull Micral 60 and clipper, in created an application for statistical analysis of the accidents of airplanes.
1986 - 1986




  • Analyst Programmer in SCO UNIX and RDBMS INFORMIX as well as UCSD Pascal with main object the Commercial Applications.



PRINCE2 Preparation


Athens University

e-learning program

  • Administration and decisions
  • General outline of administration
  • Enterprise planning and decision-making
  • Financing accountancy

 • 2005

  • Student in the department of Information technology of Greek Open University (3nd year)

Hellenic Open University

 • 2004

  • Project Management & Economics - PMI (4 months)
  • Programming in C++ (1 month)
  • Project Management (1 month)

Athens Information Technology

Master of Information Networking

Special Student


Business Communication II




Business Communication I




Quality Management



 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0



 • 1996

Microsoft Windows 95



• 1987

 Graduate of four months seminar (2nd graduation order) held at HAF EDP CENTRE with subject "COBOL and BULL DPS-7".




Graduate of Control Data Institute, on the subject: "ANALYSIS - PROGRAMMING".


• 1984

• 3oLycium of Byron


  • Married with 2 children
  • Achieved Military Obligations
  • Pastime with sports (soccer, volley ball and basketball)
  • Full driving licence
  • Flexible in travelling


 1995 - 1998

  • Acting member of development S/W in Community program SURFF (Sustainable Urban and Regional Freight Flows DG XIII) that its main objective was the optimisation of conditions of merchandises distribution in the countries members of EU, but also the growth of electronic trade (EDI) between involved institutions and services as figurative companies, suppliers, customers, agencies etc. The program started at 1.1.1996 and was executed by five European groups of companies.

1995 - 1998

  • Acting Member of "Biblioagora", effort of Editorial Houses and big bookshops for adapting the Electronic Trade in book industry


Fluent in Greek and English


  • Wide range of knowledge on IT and Telecommunication industry
  • Strong Project Management skills (PMI, PRINCE2)
  • Co-ordination of work and administration of human resources
  • Ability to work in multi-national environment
  • Great experience in education, more than 3000 hours of training in all levels ( see Appendix I for details)