A citizen of the United States and France, Glynn Servy of Atlanta, Georgia, grew up speaking English and French and eventually developed fluency in Spanish and Italian as well. He has since applied his background toward a career as a foreign language teacher, traveling worldwide to teach and developing his expertise through continuing education. In addition, Mr. Servy has worked in several other capacities, including as an actor and sales associate. As an undergraduate at Wake Forest University, Glynn Servy pursued history as a subject and studied in Japan for a semester, where he worked as an English instructor and developed his Japanese language skills. Upon completing his Bachelor's degree in History at Wake Forest in 1994, Mr. Servy engaged in a number of professions, including working for two years as an Atlanta-based musical theater actor and an extra for television shows and films. He also furthered his budding teaching career, serving as a French Instructor for the Augusta, Georgia-headquartered company Reproductive Biology Associates and traveling to Rome to teach English on a scholarship from the Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial program. Over subsequent years, Mr. Servy also held a number of private-sector positions, such as Inside Sales Representative with Pramac Industries, Inc. from 1999 to 2000 and Office Manager for the Viosoleil Real Estate Company from 2000 to 2001.From 2002 to 2010, Glynn Servy worked as a full-time high school French and Spanish teacher for several districts near Atlanta. In this position, he became proficient in the total physical response story-telling (TPRS) training method and learned how to make students conversational in their respective foreign languages within a few months. Currently enrolled in Auburn University's Foreign Language Education program, Glynn Servy spent time traveling in France as part of his training last summer. In addition to working toward a degree from Auburn University, he has completed a K-12 high school teaching certificate in social studies in October 2011.



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University of Salamanca