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Hello, My name is Joseph(Joe) Allbright.  I am originally from a suburb outside of Portland named Tualatin, Or.  I graduated from Southern Oregon University with a degree in Psychology and Spanish. I am a very friendly person who likes to work hard and meet new people.  

Volunteering experiences

Family Nurturing Center December 2013-Current

I volunteer ten hours a week at the family nurturing center.  During my time there I work in the classwork with children age 3-5.  I also help out with the family farm experience and the family food group.

Instituto Tutelar De Menores Infractores- December 2012-June 2013

During my time in Mexico I volunteered in a jail for minors.  During my time working in the jail I gave classes in English and talked one on one with the inmates.  I was in charge of helping the inmates create and put in to action a life plan after their time in jail.  The emphasis of the program was to show the inmates another way of living and helping them discover the steps they need to take to realize their dreams.

DIF Estatal Guanajuato December 2012-June 2013

DIF is the department of  internal development of the family.  During my time working in DIF I worked along side a group called DIM.  This group focuses on helping children that work in the street but offering scholarships to the families.  My duties requiered me to make first contact with the children in the street and  pay monthly visits to the families to see living conditions.  Another aspect of the group was to give talks about various subjects to children at schools, as well as give talks to families in communities around the area.  

School committees and Clubs

Healthy Campus Initiate Physical Well Being/Recreation Committee-2011

This committee works to spread the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and participating in physical activity. 

Healthy Campus Initiative Mental and Emotional Well being Committee- 2011-current

This committee's main object is to spread the importance of mental and emotional health amongst students at SOU. 

Psychology Club- Member 2011-current

In the Psychology club we would every two weeks to discuss psychology related topics.


Doug Smith

I worked with Doug during my senior capstone project.  I helped out in the classroom as well as the family farm group.

Reid Muller

Reid was supervisor at UPS. I worked with him for over a year and have a good personal relationship with him to this day.

Frank Battilega

Owner of Big "B" Farms.  I have worked for this company since 2004


Academic Interests:

Clinical Psychology

Therapy Psychology

Sports Psychology

Mental Disorders


Couples and Family Counseling


Special Skills and Ability:

Fluent in Spanish

Creative Writing 

Public Speaking


Sep 2011Jun 2014

Southern Oregon University

Bachelor of Science, June, 2014

Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon

Major: Psychology

Minor: Spanish

General Education fall 2012-Spring 2013

University of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

Sep 2004Jun 2008

High School Diploma

Tualatin High School


I have worked in the food Service for almost five years now.  I enjoy working with food and have become very quick and clean with my cooking.  I have not had any culinary training, but have picked up different tricks in the different kitchens I've worked in.

Work experience

Jun 2004Jul 2014

Produce sales/Customer Service

Big "B" Farms

I have worked for Big "B" Farms since I was 14.  It is a family run farm ran by my god father.  I work at the Farmers Markets hosted in Portland, Oregon during the summers.  During my time of work I am required to know basic cooking and preparing knowledge for all of the produce that we sell.  One thing that I have learned from the Farmer's Market is that customer service and a friendly attitude is what will keep a customer coming back. 

Sep 2013Jan 2014


Language Lab

During my time at the language lab I helped students with their Spanish questions as well as with any other technology issues that they had.  

Jun 2011Sep 2011

Prep Cook/First cook

Glacier National Park

Over the summer I was blessed with the opportunity to work in Glacier National Park.I worked as a cook in Jammer Joe's at the Lake McDonald location. Our menu consisted of pizza, pasta, burgers, and salads. My duties as a prep cook consisted of basic prep work, making salads and pizzas, and helping out the first cook when needed. During the time I was a prep cook I was in charge of training two new employees on the duties of being a prep cooks.

After a month and a half of being prep cook I was promoted to the first cook position. In this position I was responsible for running the grill, making pizzas, and making pastas. Also, as a first cook I was responsible for making the soup of the day, as well as buffet pastas and desserts.

Apr 2010Jun 2011



I worked nights at UPS from 11 PM to 3 Am for a little over a year.

During my time I worked in unload, as a sorter, and a package handler. 

Around the same time I was promoted to sort isle I was also given the position of (C.E.R.C) rep or human resources person for my belt.  With these duties I was expected to go around once and week and keep a working relationship with everyone in my area.  Also,  I was responsible for keeping my area up to date on current benefits and concerns. I enjoyed this line on work because it allowed me to be more social on the job.

Apr 2010Aug 2010


Moe's Southwest Grill

During my shifts I was responsible for setting up and closing store.  Once we were opened I was either responsible for running the cash register or making food on the line.

Aug 2009Apr 2010

Line and Prep Chef

Laughing Planet

During my job at laughing planet I was responsible for doing prep for multiple days at a time and working on the line.  I was expected to be very quick and efficient with a knife and kitchen tools.  As well as preparing food I was responsible for maintaining and cleaning my work space.

Oct 2008Jul 2009



Amalfis is a high end Italian restruant in Portland, Oregon.  During my time working there I started out as a dish washer.  After showing quickness with dishes I was trained as a busser as well as some basic kitchen prep work. 

Mar 2005Oct 2008

Sandwich Artist


During my time at subway I worked on the line, ran cash register, and did prep work.  I also helped with the keeping stock and ordering of the food.