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Gloseije Jessy Bazolana Mandangi

Software Engineer/Tutor/Student Assistant

About Me

A skilled communicator; able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups, and promote team cohesiveness.

Highly organized and independent; able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity.

An organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious self-starter, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and stay calm under pressure.

An effective leader, skilled in enlisting the support of all team members in aligning with project and organizational goals.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 28-April-1990

Race : Black


- English (Fluent)

- French (Fluent)

- Spanish (Basic)

- Swahili (Average)

- Lingala (Average)

Health: Excellent

Physical Address: 29 Kerk St, Johannesburg 2001, Gauteng, South Africa


Mobile Development
Web Design


Feb 2017Dec 2017

Bsc (IT) (Hounours) in Informatics

University of Johannesburg - Johannesburg, South Africa
Feb 2012June 2016

Bsc (IT) in Computer Sciences and Informatics

University of Johannesburg - Johannesburg, South Africa

This qualification is primarily designed to provide a well-rounded, broad education that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory and methodology of information technology.

The purpose of the Bsc (IT) in Computer Sciences and Informatics program is to develop qualified scientists who can identify, evaluate and solve problems associated with information technology and be able to assume and demonstrate initiative and responsibility in related academic and professional contexts in South Africa as well as in the international world.

Work History

Aug 2016Dec 2017

VIce President - UJISS

University of Johannesburg

University of Johannesburg International Student Council

Jul 2016Present

Junior Developer (Intern)

Genssoft Technologies

Design and build advanced applications
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
Work with outside data sources and API’s
Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Sept 2015April 2016

Web/Graphic Designer

SA Study Network

Prepares visual presentations by designing art and copy layouts.

  • Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering information and materials.
  • Plans concept by studying information and materials.
  • Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of art and copy regarding arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts.
  • Obtains approval of concept by submitting rough layout for approval.
  • Prepares finished copy and art by operating typesetting, printing, and similar equipment; purchasing from vendors.

Developed the company Web site by planning and executing design; maintaining and upgrading service.

Feb 2013Nov 2016

Student Assistant / Tutor

Academy of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering (ACSSE) - University of Johannesburg

Help students with subject content according to individual strengths with study strategies and techniques.

Assist Students who are enrolled at the University of Johannesburg in the Field of Information Technology or Computer Sciences and Informatics. The Main role is to give to needed students proper explanation of programming(VB, C#, ASP.NET) and database (SQL) principles which includes Code, Design and Theory; Mark weekly practicals and Assist with invigilation during semester tests.


Mr Lebethe Malefo

Director: Study Abroad - Internationalization - University of Johannesburg - Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 4592 - E-mail:

Mr NK Devendra
CIO - Genssoft Technologies - Tel : +27 (0) 11 472 9233 - E-mail :

Mr R Raymond
Tutor Development (PASD) Coordinator - Academic Development and Support - Academic Development
Centre - Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 6336 - E -Mail:

Mr D Cotterrell
Tutor Coordinator - Lecturer - Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering - University of
Johannesburg - Tel : +27 (0) 11 559 3816 - Fax : +27 (0) 11 559 2138 - E-mail: