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Other Qualifications

  • Five years of experience in teaching drawing and painting
  • Experience in graphic design and instructional design
  • Experience in working with exceptional students (EFL, special needs, and gifted and talented)
  • Motivated and enthusiastic educator
  • Strong researcher
  • Proficient in using a variety of design software
  • Effectively work with pre-service teachers
  • Effective administrator, manager, and collaborator
  • Knowledge of how to use student-centered learning techniques
  • Group learning mechanics
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative learning strategies
  • Educational and training research

Technology Skills

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Second Life
  • Blackboard
  • Graphic design
  • imovie
  • iweb
  • Garage Band
  • 3D-VR
  • All Microsoft Office applications
  • Internet software applications
  • Wordpress
  • E-learning environment evaluator
  • Certified Peer Reviewer, Quality Matters
  • SPSS and SAS
  • Knowledgeable in many e-learning environments
  • LMC new technology applications in education

Awards & Honors

  • Named the 2014 Doctoral “Graduate Scholar” by the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, University of Northern Colorado, Spring 2014
  • Invited participant by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission for the King Abdullah Scholarship Program, 2009, 2013, 2014
  • Third place winner, Saudi Artists in United States, Event “Beauty Made by the Unseen” Minnesota, United States March 2013
  • Featured Contributor to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in the U.S. Magazine, AL-MUBTAATH, July 1, 2009, “Art and Poem: Sadness of Story.”
  • First Place Winner, Promising Artists Competition Pure Art Organization, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1998


Alyahya, S. & Gall, J.E. (2012). iPads in Education: A Qualitative Study of Students’ Attitudes and Experiences. In T. Amiel & B. Wilson (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2012 (pp. 1266-1271). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Retrieved April 2, 2014 from

Alabdulaziz, F., Alanazy, M. M., Alyahya, S. and Gall, J. (2011). Instructors’ and learners’ attitudes toward e-learning. Proceeding of the Annual Convention of the Association for Education Communications and Technology, 1, 3-12. Online journal article retrieved from

Alyahya, S. (2005). Identifying Talent among Art Students: A Master’s Thesis. King Saud University.

Workshops & Continuing Education

  • Peer Reviewed Course for Quality Matters Program to certify the quality of online and blended courses, October 3, 2012
  • Applying the Quality Matters QM Rubric. October of 2010 What is New in Blackboard 9.1, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, U.S.A., December of 2011
  • Blackboard for First Timers, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, U.S.A.. December of 2011 Planning your Online Course, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, U.S.A., December of 2011
  • Print & Interactive Design Using Adobe Creative Suite, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, U.S.A., May of 2011
  • Web and Interactive Design using Adobe Creative Suite University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO, U.S.A., May 2011
  • Adobe Video Products, University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO, U.S.A., May 2011
  • Educational Use of Concept Mapping, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, U.S.A., March of 2011
  • Problem-Based Learning, University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO, U.S.A., March of 2011
  • Project of learning in Second Life, Fall of 2009

Conferences & Presentations

  • Presenting a research paper "iPad in Education: A qualitative study of students attitudes and experiences" EdMedia 2012, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education AACE, Denver, CO, US, June 26, 2012
  • Presenting a research paper "Instructor' and Learners' Attitudes Toward E-learning within a College of Education"
  • Learning in the Age of Globalization/ AECT International Convention, Jacksonville, Florida, November 2011
  • Apple Mobile Devices in K-12 Educational Application, AECT International Convention, Jacksonville, Florida, November 2011
  • Teaching and Learning Fair, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, U.S.A., April 2011
  • Lecture: The Role of Museum Education in the Activation of Museums, National Museum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2005
  • Childrens’ Learning Conference, King Fahd Cultural Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Presented a paper on museum education, 2005

Community Interests & Volunteer Activities

  • Member of Ebdaa Art group, Jury of the Ebdaa group organization of art,Saudi Arabia Culture Mission, Fall 2013-Spring 2014
    • Taught drawing to pre-school and elementary student
  • Program Design Team Member for the Children's Museum in Greeley, CO, Spring of 2010
  • Volunteer Teacher's Aide at Ann K. Heinman Elementary School in Greeley, CO, U.S.A., 2009
    • Assisted and prepared materials for a traditional 3rd grade classroom
    • Critiqued artwork in art class
    • Generated ideas for art lessons
    • Assisted in teaching art classes
  • Art Instructor, King Abdulaziz & His Companions' Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity (Summer Camp for Gifted Children) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2003 & 2005
    • Taught painting and drawing to gifted students
    • Designed painting and drawing program for students
  • Art Instructor at Pure Art Drawing Workshop for Children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2004

Art Festivals, Workshops, Gallery Exhibitions

  • Participation Gallery at Secondary Graduation Ceremony for Saudi Students, Saudi Culture Mission, Washington, D.C., 2009
  • Participation Gallery, Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh (Formerly Riyadh University of Women), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1998-2008
  • Day Pioneers Gallery Exhibition, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2007
  • Designing Enrichment Programs for Talented Students King Abdulaziz & His Companions’ Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2005
  • Collage Workshop, Art Skills Institute, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2004
  • Photography Workshop, Almanahel Association, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2003
  • Patterns of Thinking Workshop, School Training, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2003
  • Albaha Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2003
  • Exhibition of Fine Arts Festival, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2002 & 2003
  • Riyadh, the Capital of Culture, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2001
  • Oil Painting Workshop, Alnahdah Women’s Association Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2000

Work experience


Art Instructor

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University of Riyadh
  • Teach painting and drawing
  • Serve on various university committees, including the Commission on the Conduct of Examinations
  • Instruct and evaluate pre-service art teachers
  • Develop lesson plans and course materials
  • Organize gallery, training, and cultural events




University of Northern Colorado



Quality Matters, Peer Review

University of Northern Colorado

Quality Matters

University of Northern Colorado
May 2009May 2009

Intensive English Program

University of Northern Colorado