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    I am interested in nature, environmental science, sustainable living, photography, hiking, camping, gardening, writing, reading, and movies.


  I have evolved over the past thirteen years into a creative, innovative, progressive educator.  During the first five years of my teaching career my students and I grew weary of text-book, test driven education.  I decided I could lead them into a love and fascination of learning that not only met textbook and testing standards, but led my students way beyond required learning.  I accomplished this through utilization of hands-on experiences, frequent student-led projects and presentations and utilization of the outdoors.  I am looking to become a part of a community of open-minded, progressive educators that would be desirous of my skills and a vision to influence our upcoming generations to incorporate an awareness of our world's current environmental plight and how we as a school can help be a solution to the world's environmental declines.  This I hope to accomplish through education in sustainable living and an emphasis on the environmental science across the curriculum.


My objective is to find a progressive school I can do my master's degree at that supports environmental education, utilization of experiential learning experiences, and is democratic.

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Middle and High School Math and Science Teacher

The Elijah School

    I have completed my first year at The Elijah School as the ninth grade Algebra I and Biology teacher.  The year was a tremendous success.  Having only four students, I could really give my students more individualized attention with their subjects.  We had more mobility than I've ever experienced with my students to go on weekly off-campus trips.  We often did weekly biology hiking trips into the forest to study plant and animal life.  The students utilized an observation journal a camera and video recorder to record our experiences.  The students then would put together projects show-casing their learning in the field.  This was a very rich experience this year because of the added mobility off-campus to really experience first hand careers in biology field work.

Aug 2006Aug 2008

Grades 4 and 5 Science Teacher

Elkton Christian Academy

    It was here at Elkton Christian school that I was given liberty to develop a rich hands-on, experiential science program for grades 4 and 5.  This experience was very rewarding in many ways.  I had a large classroom, school yard and hallway in which to direct many hands-on scientific experiences for the students.  The freedom I had to develop the program beyond anything the school had ever had really fostered inthusiasm among students, parents and staff alike.  Everyone was inspired with all the innovative scientific projects the students produced.  The learning experience from these two years was unforgetable.  I know the students learned far beyond what the text book required and I am proud of my students accomplishments during those two years!

Jul 1999Aug 2006

Elementary Teacher

Heritage Christian Academy

    My years at Heritage Christian Academy were foundational years for building who I am today.  It was during these years I discovered my passion for the sciences and a love for the outdoors.  I began integrating most of my subjects with the sciences and began developing a rich curriculum that gave my students many outdoor and hands-on experiential learning opportunities.  Learning was enthusiastic and we over-achieved our goals in all subjects.


Aug 2008Jan 2009

Course work

Cecil College
Sep 2007Jul 2008

Science Grad coursework

Fresno Pacific University

    At Fresno Pacific, I took three grad level courses on curriculum development for elementary and middle school science.  The courses were on animals, the human body and ecology.  I have been an advid curriculum writer for all of my thirteen years of teaching so I thought it only appropriate to get some credit for curriculum writing in the subject I love so much - science.  I scored 4.0 in all three courses - the best grades because I was so passionate about the course work.  The beauty of taking those classes was that I was required not only to write lesson plans but I was to teach them to my current students at that time.  The work became very relevant!

Aug 1992May 1996


Maryland Bible College and Seminary

    MBC & S is my main college degree at this current time.  It was a great experience that equipped me for the classroom.  At the time I only felt I would be loyal to my church and only teach in their world-wide Christian schools.  However, time has expanded my horizons to move beyond religious schools into more progressive institutions of education.  I am pursuing a master's degree at Goddard in Vermont to equip me even more for my goals as a progressive educator.


Outdoor/Environmental Education
    Over the past seven years, my skills have grown in leading outdoor observations and investigations.  This is a very rich component that I believe is truly necessary for any school science program to be a success.  I always look for opportunities in my science classes to do outdoor observation work.  I have lead bird walks, plant observation/collecting, insect sweeps, outdoor nature sketching and poetry writings, tree observations, animal tracking and signs, building a meteorology station, physics studies with kites and flying discs, just to name a few.
Experiential Learning Techniques
    For the last six years I have developed successful techniques in guiding experiential learning opportunities in all subjects especially the sciences.  I have developed a montessori-like approach in making student centers for various scientific studies.  It has been a great help for me to build various collections such as large collections of rocks and minerals, sea shells, nests, feathers, dried wild flowers, plants, and insects.  I also own a few building collections for physics studies.  I have my own science and math book library which my students can use as references for their projects.
Science and Math Curriculum Writer
   I discovered a love and passion for curriculum writing starting in college.  Throughout the years I have developed and written my own life science, physical and earth science curriculums.  It is a continual work in progress but I have much to show for my work through the years.  I consider my best work to be the mathematical patterns in nature.  This work has inspired my students for years and is always a pleasure to continue refining it through years of experience in the classroom.


Jun 2006Jun 2008