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Better Business Bureau, The United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA), The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), American Association of Debt Management Organizations (AADMO)


Considered one of the foremost leaders in account management for the debt resolution industry, Global Client Solutions, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has provided its revolutionary banking services to thousands of clients and has relationships with over 500 debt settlement companies. Global Client Solutions focuses on efficiency and transparency in account management, and its flagship service is the Global Dedicated Account Platform, an individual bank account specialized for the needs of debt negotiators. 

Global Client Solutions’ Global Dedicated Account Platform makes tracking debt repayments both practical and easy. Because the funds in the Dedicated Account are easily monitored, debt negotiators are able to identify opportunities to escalate the resolution process and help consumers get out of debt quickly and for a much lower total cost than traditional debt management solutions. Additionally, to help the consumer further, the Dedicated Account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000, adding an additional layer of security to the debt resolution process. Currently, Global Client Solutions maintains relationships with over 500 companies in the debt settlement industry.

To find out more about how Global Client Solutions can provide an unprecedented level of oversight and support in account management and debt resolution for your business, call 1-888-520-8222 today to speak with a Global Client Solutions sales representative.

Managing Finances Safely Online

As more businesses move their services online, it is not surprising that banks and debt payment processing companies such as Global Client Solutions are following suit. Managing finances online is convenient and safe, but consumers should take precautions to protect themselves.Consumers' first step is making sure they are dealing with a legitimate financial institution. One important mark of credibility is FDIC insurance, and companies such as Global Client Solutions make clear on their sites that they are backed by this government institution.Consumers are also smart to follow online safety practices. Managing finances at a public computer, such as a terminal at an Internet cafe, is a risky practice. Experts advise people who use these public computers to log out of secure websites and delete the browser history when they are done.Experts also suggest creating strong, unique passwords for each financial website. The best passwords are long, use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, and they do not use the names or other easily identifiable information of the account holders.