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Golfing, Poker-Texas hold em, Traveling, Boating, Camping, Exotic car's, Finding new drink's, Hanging out with friends, Billiards, Green bay Packer's. 


      I've been in the business of helping people in the food and beverage department for about 9 years and more. I have worked my way up through the business to know what is expected out of me. I'm experienced in working in fast paced environments that are in high demand. I'm trustworthy , ethical, and discreet, committed to superior customer service is my first priority. I have excessive compassion on all kind's of drink's and food styles. Not only does my experience goes as far as me knowing what to do behind the bar but as far as what kind of knowledge i need to know from serving any where. I've completed a number of course's in mixology, that has me familiar with more than 100 of the most common cocktails. Over my course and work i know how serve customers at a correct peace to keep them enjoying themselves without their  becoming intoxicated and a danger to either themselves or someone else.I know the gaming bartenders mindset, job and philosophy, and that i can do the job if given a chance. I do have all my cards you need and i do know how to use a micros system.

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Bartender/Bar Apprentice

Caesars Palace
Jan 2011Jul 2011

Bartender/ Barback

Discreet Gentlemen's club

To ensure drink's were served in a correctable order that the customer want's. Check the stock rooms to make sure everything is on a par level for that day and the next. I'll make sure when opening everything was vacuumed, moped and wiped down for the day. There was the cleaning of the Beer coolers once a week. Every day all the trash had to be thrown away. Ice in the well was always, full at all times. Glass's were clean and wiped down for customers when they came in. To putting away the garnish's at the end of the night to counting my bank being ready to leave.

This company close down.

Oct 2010Mar 2011

Men's MCA


Stocking all the men's clothing line's, to handling the cash register and folding clothes.

I quit this job.

Oct 2010Oct 2010


Sammy's Wood Fire Pizza

Taking orders from customer's to food and drinks order's. Running out food of mine to others in my team. Seting up the place in the morning from salt, peppers, cleaning chairs, wiping down glass's, wiping down the area that the food comes from, making coffee, Ice Tea, stocking coffee cups.etc.

I got laid off from this job.

Apr 2010Oct 2010

May 2004Apr 2010

Food Runner/ Barback/Server

Little Buddha-Palm's Casino

I did stocking of plate's, polishing glass's, lighting candle's, if some one broke something to clean it up, refill drinks when 1/2 empty, ask people how things are going, taking any suggestion's to orders from people when i greet them. If  any one need's assistance to help out. Helping bartenders to the cook's for anything they need on the floor. Etc. I quit from this job.


Bartenders Union Local 165


Community College


ABC Bartending